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Achievements in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

Main Game

Image Description
Sequin Land Hero: Unlock all Trophies for 'Shantae: Half-Genie Hero'. (This is a Playstation-Only Trophy and does not appear in other versions)
Ret-2-Go!: Start your day fresh!
Investi-gator: Avoid detection from all the Techno Grunts.
Jump jump slide slide: Leap over every canister as you slide down the chute.
Race to the Top: Climb Tassel Tower at record speed.
In it to win it!: Eliminate the competition.
Magic Carpet Ride: Reach the end of the race without falling off your carpet!
Inventor's Assistant: Finish building the Dynamo.
The Swim Team: Gather up as many friends as possible for a swim!
The Great Escape: Avoid all the gears during the escape slide.
Guardian Genie: Beat the game.
Half-Genie, all Hero!: Achieve 100% completion!
Fully Formed: Obtain all magic forms!
Relic Seeker: Obtain any magic relic.
Relic Hunter: Obtain half of the magic relics.
Relic Collector: Obtain all magic relics!
Fan Favorite: Unlock any door in the Art Gallery.
Key to my Heart: Unlock half the doors in the Art Gallery.
Master of Unlocking: Unlock all the doors in the Art Gallery.
Not selling you snake oil.:

Make a deal with a sneaky, snakey seller of magical secrets.

The Spider Queen:

Defeat a Bonelegs enemy as a Spider.


Crush an enemy with a block.

Back at ya!:

Reflect 5 attacks back at an enemy with the Mirror.

Bone Breaker:

Smash 10 skeletons with the Elephant.


Defeat 10 enemies using a Fireball.

Shocking Encounter!:

Defeat 20 enemies with Lightning.

Don't call it that!:

Defeat P.O.O.P. T.O.O.T.

Vicious, Vile, and Vain:

Free the missing maidens!

A case of the olds!:

Discover the history of Tassel Town's brightest star.

Double Trouble:

Sometimes two are better than one... but not this time!

An act of foul play:

Foil the heist in Cape Crustacean.

Shantae versus the Important Squid Baron:

It'd sell like buns.

Pummeled Pirate: Thwarted the Queen of the Seven Seas.
Brain Basher: Put a stop to the mechanized madness!
A Magnetic Field: Obtained the Magnet
Mining for Minerals: Obtained Copper Ore
Force of Darkness: Obtained the Dark Shard
Champion of Light: Obtained the Light Shard
The final pieces...: Obtained the Zombie Hamster and the Iron Slab
Finders Keepers: Collect all of Risky's personal possessions.
Queen of the Seven... Cheese?: Defeat Risky Boots as a Mouse.
Speed Runner: Saved the day as fast as possible!
Quick Collector: Achieve 100% completion as fast as possible!
Hgh oldschool.png
Old-School, baby!: Complete Hard Core Mode, and show it what's what.

Pirate Queen's Quest

Image Description
Hgh perfectheist.png
A Perfect Heist: Collect your first component in Pirate Queen's Quest.
Hgh thepiratescurse.png
The Pirate's Curse: Collect all Dark Magic in Pirate Queen's Quest.
Hgh absolutepower.png
Absolute Power: Collect all Genie Crystals in Pirate Queen's Quest.
Hgh riskysrevenge.png
Risky's Revenge: Defeat that Half-Genie brat in Pirate Queen's Quest!
Hgh riskyrevolution.png
Risky Revolution: Obtain all win screens of Pirate Queen's Quest.

Friends to the End

Image Description
Hgh dejavu.png
Deja vu?: Relive a past event in Friends to the End.
Hgh learntofly.png
Learn to Fly: Keep one of Sky's attack birds in flight for a full 60 seconds in Friends to the End.
Hgh thatsusingyourhead.png
That's using your head!: Defeat 10 enemies with Rotty's head throw in Friends to the End.
Hgh halfwithero.png
Half-Wit Hero: Defeat 20 enemies with Bolo's grapple attack in Friends to the End.
Hgh kidsquids.png
Kid Squids: Collect all Dream Squids in Friends to the End.
Hgh friendstothend achieve.png
Friends to the End: Save an ally with the power of friendship in Friends to the End.
Hgh truefriends.png
True Friends!: Obtain all win screens of Friends to the End.

Costume Pack

Image Description
Hgh switchitup.png
Switch it up!: Defeat 50 enemies using switch blocks.
Hgh ninjavanish.png
Ninja vanish!: Use the teleport ability 100 times.
Hgh spf250.png
SPF 250: Collect 250 bottles of sunscreen.
Hgh costumeparty.png
Costume Party!: Complete a level wearing every costume!
Hgh clearout.png
Clear Out!: Complete the game in Officer Mode.
Hgh shinobishantae.png
Shinobi Shantae!: Complete the game in Ninja Mode.
Hgh funinthesun.png
Fun in the sun!: Complete the game in Beach Mode.
Hgh missioncomplete.png
Mission Complete!: Obtain all win screens for Officer Mode.
Hgh revengeofshantae.png
Revenge of Shantae!: Obtain all win screens for Ninja Mode.
Hgh theperfecttan.png
The perfect tan!: Obtain all win screens for Beach Mode.

Ultimate Edition

Image Description
HGHUE completionist.png
Completionist!: Unlock all Trophies in 'Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition'. (This is a Playstation-Only Trophy and does not appear in other versions)
HGHUE sickstyle.png
Sick Style!: Beat the game in color-swapped clothing!
HGHUE dancethroughthedanger.png
Dance through the Danger: Defeat 5 or more enemies with a single Obliterate!
HGHUE bouncingaround.png
Bouncing Around: Defeat 10 enemies as a Blobfish!
HGHUE betrayal.png
Betrayal: Defeat Risky Boots while in Tinkerbat Form!
HGHUE guardiangenie.png
Guardian Genie: Save Scuttletown!
HGHUE technobeatdown.png
Techno Beatdown: Stop the Techno Baron!
HGHUE betterleftforgotten.png
Better left forgotten!: Find the lost memories!
HGHUE awinnerisyou.png
A Winner is You!: Finish the race!
HGHUE hypnobaronshouseofhorrors.png
Hypno Baron's House of Horrors: Foil the Dual Barons!
HGHUE genierealmdefender.png
Genie Realm Defender: Defeat Risky Boots!
HGHUE halfgenieallhero.png
Half-Genie, all Hero!: Achieve 100% completion as Shantae!
HGHUE truehero.png
True Hero!: Obtain all win screens in any Shantae Mode!
HGHUE oldschoolbaby.png
Old-School, baby!: Complete Hard Core Mode!
HGHUE keeptothecode.png
Keep to the code!: Use your Tinkerbats to defeat 15 renegade Tinkerbats!
HGHUE givenothinback.png
Give nothin' back!: Complete Pirate Queen's Quest with zero upgrades!
HGHUE captainsorders.png
Captain's Orders!: Remind everyone who's boss!
HGHUE theonetruequeenofthesevenseas.png
The one true Queen of the Seven Seas!: Foil the techno upstart!
HGHUE goneandforgotten.png
Gone and Forgotten: What was that for?
HGHUE carpetcleaned.png
Carpet Cleaned: Take out the trash!
HGHUE dualdisgrace.png
Dual Disgrace: Give 'em something to think about!
HGHUE riskysrevenge.png
Risky's Revenge: Defeat the Half-Genie brat!
HGHUE thepiratescurse.png
The Pirate's Curse: Achieve 100% completion as Risky Boots!
HGHUE riskyrevolution.png
Risky Revolution: Obtain all win screens in Pirate Queen's Quest.
HGHUE maxpower.png
Max Power!: Raise all three friends to Max Level!
HGHUE somewhatfamiliar.png
Somewhat Familiar: Save blah blah blah...
HGHUE followingthetrail.png
Following the trail...: Free a captivating captive!
HGHUE forgottenmemory.png
Forgotten Memory: Brings back memories...
HGHUE nevergiveup.png
Never Give Up: Take down an army.
HGHUE thesurvivalhorror.png
The Survival Horror: Clear the residence of evil.
HGHUE dreamwarriors.png
Dream Warriors: Save your friend from a sinister force.
BFFs: Achieve 100% completion as Sky, Bolo, and Rotty!
HGHUE truefriends.png
True Friends!: Obtain all win screens in Friends to the End.
HGHUE pattyache.png
Patty Ache: Get crushed by a switch block.
HGHUE halfgenienojutsu.png
Half-Genie no jutsu: Complete a stage without using your sword.
HGHUE myserve.png
My serve!: Defeat 20 enemies with the Beach Ball.
HGHUE beachblanketbrawl.png
Beach Blanket Brawl: Soak up the Scuttle Town sun in your swimwear.
HGHUE acutabove.png
A Cut Above: Conquer a fishy foe while dressed as a Ninja.
HGHUE officeronduty.png
Officer on Duty: Wipe someone's criminal record as an Officer of the Law.
HGHUE arelaxingride.png
A Relaxing Ride: Soar over Cape Crustacean in your swimwear.
HGHUE spectralstopper.png
Spectral Stopper: Enforce curfew as an Officer of the Law.
HGHUE ninjavspirate.png
Ninja vs Pirate: Defeat the Pirate Queen, Ninja style!
HGHUE youreunderarrest.png
You're under arrest!: Achieve 100% completion as an Officer!
HGHUE thepathoftheninja.png
The path of the Ninja: Achieve 100% completion as a Ninja!
HGHUE summertime.png
Summertime!: Achieve 100% completion in your bathing suit!
HGHUE fullwardrobe.png
Full wardrobe: Obtain all win screens while playing as Shantae in her Ninja, Beach, and Officer costumes!
HGHUE ifyouregonnacutit.png
If you're gonna cut it...: Land the final strike on any boss with only a sliver of your own health left.


  • The icon used for the Playstation-Exclusive achievement, "Sequin Land Hero", is used for the "Guardian Genie" achievement in other versions of the game.