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Achievements in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

Image Description
Pcret2goachievement.png Ret-2-go!: Defeated the Ammo Baron.
Smellslikevictorypc.png Smells like victory!: Release the Ham Stink.
Specialweaponary.png Special Weaponry: Defeat 250 enemies using Shantae's Monster Whipper!
Green Thumb: Defeated the Cyclops Plant.
Ewwww.png Eww! Eew! Eew!: Obtain Squid Oil.
Arachnophobia: Defeated the Empress Spider.
Pestcontrol.png Pest Control: Destroy 10 Spider Eggs before they hatch.
Avoided a Curse...: Obtain all three Mummy Sketches.
Riskysbusiness.png Risky's Business: Use a Pirate Flare to return to Risky's ship.
Thefunpart.png The fun part!: Obtain the Golden Pickaxe.
Ten-tickles: Defeated the Squid Baron.
Ready for anything!: Defeat 50 enemies using Pirate Weapons.
Itbelongsinamuseum.png It belongs in a museum!: Obtain the Fossil.
Gottagetthemall.png Gotta Get 'Em All: Collect 50% of the Heart Squids.
Destroyingthedarkmagic.png Destroying the Dark Magic: Collect 50% of the Dark Magic.
Mutantbuffalo.png Mutant Buffalo: Obtain Manly Musk.
Graet Jobb: Defeated Dagron.
I GAINED THE ADVANTAGE!: Collect the Enchanted Blade.
Comfortandconveince.png Comfort and Convenience: Obtain the Spirit from Abner.
Itaintgonnamiss.png It ain't not gonna miss.: Help Ammo Baron fire the Palace Disruptor Cannon.
Hunk of Junk: Defeated the Steel Maggot.
Tastytreats.png Tasty Treats: Sample the entire menu!
Vanished into the eternal abyss...: Defeated the Pirate Master.
Preparedforbattle.png Prepared for Battle: Collect all of the Dark Magic.
Guardian Genie: Defeat the Pirate Master's true form.
Onthemap.png On the map!: Collect all Labyrinth maps.
Meltthemdown.png MELT! THEM!! DOWN!!!: Collect all Heart Squids.
Nostalgiatrip.png Nostalgia Trip: Discover the secret Labyrinth.
Skilledsurvivor.png Skilled Survivor: Complete the hidden training room.
From my hair to his derriere: Defeated the Ammo Baron without taking any damage.
Fool me once...: Play keep away with the Ammo Baron.
Brokenbones.png Broken Bones: Destroy 20 bones with the Bubble Shield.
Whataneyesore.png What an eyesore...: Defeated the Cyclops Plant using only the Pike Balls.
Zombiesurvivalguide.png Zombie Survival Guide: Get Rottytops to Abner Tree without making any mistakes in a single attempt.
Nothing but a shade...: Defeated the Pirate Master without taking damage.
Master Gardener: Defeated the Cyclops Plant without taking damage.
Scrap Metal: Defeated the Steel Maggot without taking damage.
Squashed Spider: Defeated the Empress Spider without taking damage.
Calamari Connoisseur: Defeated the Squid Baron without taking damage.
Prefectionist: Defeated Dagron without taking damage.
Squid Savior: Complete the game without any Health upgrades and all Heart Squids collected.
Half-Genie Hero: Defeated the Pirate Master's true form without taking any damage.
Speed Runner: Saved Scuttle Town as fast as possible!
Purple Haired Warrior Maiden: Achieve 100% completion in record time!