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Achievements in Shantae and the Seven Sirens.

Image Description
7S answeredthesirenscall.png
Answered the Siren's Call: Obtain all trophies in "Shantae and the Seven Sirens". (This is a Playstation-Only Trophy and does not appear in other versions)
7S welcometoarenatown.png
Welcome to Arena Town: Took the tour!
7S arosebyanyothername.png
A rose by any other name...: Defeated the first Siren.
7S hiddenvillage.png
Hidden Village: Reach Tree Town.
7S raisesealevel.png
Raise Sea Level: Use the valve.
7S megabusted.png
Mega Busted: Defeated the second Siren.
7S trulytelltale.png
Truly Tell-Tale: Obtain the Lucky Amulet.
7S underwaterexplorer.png
Underwater Explorer: Enter the Sea Lab.
7S notwormfood.png
Not Worm Food: Defeated the third Siren.
7S afortifiedfront.png
A Fortified Front: Ascend to Armor Town.
7S duped.png
Duped!: Fell for a double cross.
7S sunkenship.png
Sunken Ship: Locate the sunken ship remains.
7S tanglewiththeangle.png
Tangle with the Angle.: Defeated the fourth Siren.
7S thatsthespirit.png
That's the Spirit!: Complete a Ghostly Quest.
7S arealbrainbuster.png
A real brain buster: Defeated the fifth Siren.
7S shutdown.png
Shut Down: Deactivate all the Towers.
7S largerthanlife.png
Larger than Life: Defeated the Empress Siren.
7S savingtheday.png
Saving the Day: Complete the adventure!
7S turnedovereveryrock.png
Turned over every rock: Complete the adventure with 100% completion!
7S intheblinkofaneye.png
In the blink of an eye: Complete the adventure as quickly as possible!
7S coulduseavacation.png
Could use a vacation: Complete the adventure with 100% completion as quickly as possible!
7S secondsight.png
Second Sight: Uncovered a possible threat.
7S sheerperfection.png
Sheer Perfection?: Revitalize cellular functions.
7S refreshingrewards.png
Refreshing Rewards: Turn an enemy into an ally by helping them heal.
7S slimetime.png
Slime Time: Witness every magical outcome with Slimes.
7S itselectrifying squid.png
It's Electrifying!: Shock a circus squid.
7S shockingsolution.png
Shocking Solution: Open a Shock Machine.
7S fullycharged.png
Fully Charged: Open all Shock Machines.
7S hiddentreasure.png
Hidden Treasure: Unearth a buried treasure.
7S ancientdiscoveries.png
Ancient Discoveries: Unearthed all secrets.
7S allsalesfinal.png
All Sales Final: Upgrade all magic to max.
7S finalform.png
Final Form: Obtain all magical forms.
7S dangerousdances.png
Dangerous Dances: Learn all magical dances.
7S sightunseen.png
Sight Unseen: Avoid startling the Lobster Girl throughout the adventure.
7S collector.png
Collector: Obtain a Monster Card.
7S afullset.png
A Full Set: Have three Monster Cards equipped at once.
7S completecollection.png
Complete Collection: Collect all monster cards.
7S contestwinner.png
Contest Winner: Win the highest total in a Hula Contest.
7S squidsaver.png
Squid Saver: Complete the game without any Health upgrades and all Heart Squids collected.
7S anewchallenge.jpg
A New Challenge: Complete the game in Beginner or Definitive Mode.
7S cardshark.jpg
Card Shark: Complete the game in Rule Breaker or Full Deck Mode.


  • While most versions of the "It's Electrifying!" achievement display a Circus Squid, the Playstation version features a Bat.
  • "A New Challenge" and "Card Shark" were added with the "Spectactular Superstar" update.