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The Angler Fish Siren, also known as the Deep Sea Creep, is one of the Seven Sirens who resides in The Boiler. Her appearance is somewhat more humanoid than the other sirens. She has grey and white skin with two green eyes beneath her "forehead" an extra eye that sits on a stalk protruding from the top of her head. She also wears a purple cloak. Her arms are rarely visible, and are only shown when she attacks. She is also the smallest of the sirens that can be fought, being just above Shantae's height.

She is capable of teleporting herself around, and shares this ability with the Empress Siren.


She has shown to have a slight trollish personality as her boss intro has her teleport behind Shantae and proceed to spook her with the 'tap around the shoulder' trick. She does her best to be threatening, but her constant growling and gargling doesn't seem to phase Shantae.


Shantae and the Seven Sirens

The Angler Fish Siren attacks by summoning eyes that fire on wherever Shantae is currently standing. Shantae can use her hair whip to neutralize them before said eyes fire their projectiles. Sometimes, they just charge across the screen (often six at a time). Which colour the Deep Sea Creep flashes her third eye telegraphs the type of eye attack she will use, with purple meaning the eyes fire and red meaning they charge. The Angler Fish Siren can also flood the stage for a coin collection challenge or launch bouncing eyes that just damage on contact. Shantae needs her frog form to do the coin collection challenge.

Her Monster Card doubles the speed of the Newt Dash.

Notable Quotes

  • "Bath Time!"
  • "Cool off!"





  • She was responsible for sinking the Ghost Elder's ship in the past, which could be a reference to how mythological sirens would sink ships and drown sailors.
  • The Tangle with the Angle. achievement is awarded upon her defeat.