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The Armor Baron is a slim cyclops military leader based in Armor Town, and is the brother of the Ammo Baron.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shantae is initially suspicious of the Armor Baron, due to dealing with the Ammo Baron in the past. The Armor Baron admits that his brother's a handful to deal with, then offers to make Shantae a set of armor at Sky's behest as a peace offering. Unfortunately, the armor ends up being enchanted to render Shantae and Sky immobile, and the Armor Baron reveals his true colors when he sends the pair off to a collector (who turns out to be Squid Baron).

Shantae has the option of shaking the Armor Baron down for 100 gems after being rescued by the Lobster Siren.




  • If the player trades the Armor Baron 9 Gold Nuggets, the player will be given the Empress Siren's Monster Card before the final boss fight. Armor Baron breaks the 4th wall and warns Shantae that getting the card would be a massive spoiler beforehand.