# Required Description Screen
1 - In the green lit chamber following the first encounter with a shapeshifting water elemental miniboss, this one can be found just sitting on a pile of pink blocks. Scr dribble ws2
2 - In a hidden room accessible by crawling under an overhang of pink stones at the bottom of the shaft in the chamber immediately to the right of where the white worm platforms first appear. Scr dribble ws1
3 To the west of the Guardian Genie chamber there is a baby warp squid on a raised platform.

It is also reachable without the monkey transformation by pushing the stone block from the destroyed pillar on the right, only if the stone block hasn't been used yet.

Scr dribble fountain ws3
4 / In the room that must be reached by running over a succession of pits with jumping fish in them, there are little indents in the ceiling indicating a secret passage. You can get up here with the Monkey, but if you have trouble you can just come back with the Harpy form, since you'll need to come back anyway to get the last one. Be sure to ride all the way up, as there are two floors in this secret passage, and the baby's up there on the second one. Scr dribble fountain ws4
5 / Atop a platform you can't initially reach in the platform/water/jumping eye fish section near the start. Come back later with the Spider or Harpy form and either climb the background blue grid as the Spider or fly as the Harpy. Scr dribble fountain ws5

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