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The Barons of Sequin Land are, according to Rottytops, a group of thieving bandits who pass themselves off as artifact collectors. They collect all kinds of old magic trinkets including the Magic Seals. The known Barons are the Squid Baron, the Ammo Baron, and the Hypno Baron. The Techno Baron is often considered a Baron as he visits Sequin Land frequently from his flying Propeller Town workshop above Frostbite Island. Throughout the series they are constant thorns in Shantae's side, and are always up to some nefarious plot.

Other than a customer-client relationship between Ammo Baron and Techno Baron, as well as a failed business partnership between Hypno Baron and Squid Baron, their affiliation appears to be loose, perhaps even nonexistent. However, their respective dungeons all share a common motif: a single opened eye sits above the entrance to Squid Baron's Labyrinth, Battle Tower and Hypno Tower. This iconography is not shared by the Techno Baron.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

After being defeated by Shantae, the Barons of Sequin Land hang out in Scuttle Town for the time being. Each one of them ask Shantae for a favor and in return for her assistance they reward her with clues that help her uncover Risky Boots's plan for the dynamo.


The only Baron to appear in every game following his introduction is Squid Baron.

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