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Barracuda Joe is a soldier in Ammo Baron's army. He claims that he did "a saucy dance" in order to join the army. In contrast to Ammo Baron and some other members of his army, he is a decent fellow. Joe gives Shantae fair warning of the dangers in the tower, and apologizes when the prize she wins there is not that great in his eyes (the Magic Seal) as he mistakes it for a 'Magic Squeal'.

In Risky's Revenge, his job is running Battle Tower. Barracuda Joe guards the tower, and will let any citizen in for training for a small fee. He keeps track of Shantae's record times and will give her the Forest Key upon her first completion.

In The Pirate's Curse, Barracuda Joe is initially seen in Sky's hatchery, where she tells Shantae that Joe is someone that she has taken a romantic interest to. Sky's mother arrives and is thrilled to see her daughter finally find someone, but Joe makes the mistake of reading the inscription on a cursed coffin that Sky's father brought to decorate the hatchery and is killed. Later in the Village of Lost Souls, Shantae finds a wayward Lost Soul and takes it to Rottytops, who tells her that it's Joe's soul. Once Shantae returns the soul to its body, Joe is restored to life and Sky is happy, but her mood vanishes when Joe tells her that he's just not ready to settle down yet. In the end credits, it is revealed that he is going steady with the princess of Tan Line Temple.

Despite not appearing in the Seven Sirens physically, he makes an appearance on a Totem Pole during the Dancing Game.


Barracuda Joe's name is a tribute to a YouTube video maker called brickroadbrickroad, who had posted a full Let's Play series of the first Shantae game while Risky's Revenge was still in development. In the video series, brick referred to the hostile fish in the Waterfall Lake zone as "Barracuda Joes".


  • In regards to Barracuda Joe's absence from Half-Genie Hero, a statement from someone in Wayforward, "Barracuda Joe simply didn't make the cut this story! He's still around though. I think there was originally a plan to incorperate him but we never ended up finding the place."