Img Name Appearances Description

Shantae GBC - sprite - Clump

Dirt Dogs Shantae Dirt Dogs jump out of the ground of Scarecrow Fields, and throw 3 spears downward trying to hit Shantae. They then begin to roam the ground, attempting to stab Shantae if she jumps over them. Dirt Dogs will eventually dig back underground.

Shantae GBC - sprite - Scarecrow RR spr - scarecrow

Scarecrows Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Endlessly respawning from the fields that bear their names, scarecrows are somewhat zombie-like. They also are known to toss pumpkin bombs or breath noxious fumes. They are quite successful at scaring crows, judging from the fact that no crows can be found in all of Sequin Land. In pirate's curse they have 10 HP.

GBC sprite - succubus



The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
These ladies only appear in Cackle Mound. They have bat ears, tails with heart-shaped tips at the end, wield some sort of medieval flail, and are masters of martial arts. The has been proposed for Half-Genie Hero, with the ability to hover in the air, command the undead, and stun foes with a gaze. The only similarity between the Shantae form and the enemy is that tail. It's possible that the "cat ladies" mentioned in refer to these creatures in Cackle Mound, but cats don't have ears or tails like that. In pirate's curse they have 80 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - bat RR sprite - bat

Bats Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
Adorable! But also slow moving and not very aggressive. The is a proposed form for Half-Genie Hero. Additionally, it is one of the many creatures that wears tiaras. In pirate's curse they have 1 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - spiderenemy RR spr - spider

One-eyed Spider Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Cycloptic arachnids that drop down on a thread, spit poison bullets, and then retreat to safety. Though they both spit poison in any direction, this form seems unrelated to Shantae's . There's more than just two kinds of icky arachnids though, see the spider article for more info. In pirate's curse they have 3 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - goblin SRR sprite - goblin

Orc Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
They come in winged and wingless varieties. They can also stomp on you while In mid air. In pirate's curse they have 18 HP.
Waterdragon (2)

Shantae GBC - sprite - frogfish

Frog Fish Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Frog Fish are found on the walls of Waterfall Lake. Once sighted, they jump down and begin hopping around randomly. In The Pirate's Curse they can also shoot dead fish at Shantae. In pirate's curse they have 20 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - waterfall fish

Water Dragons Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Water dragons hide behind waterfalls in Waterfall Lake in order to ambush prey that pass by. Red versions also appear in the Village of Lost Souls, hiding in lava falls. They cannot be defeated.

Shantae GBC - sprite - snake Shantae GBC - sprite - snake Shantae GBC - sprite - snake Shantae GBC - sprite - snake

Slug (PC)
Snakes Shantae
The Pirate's Curse

Snakes drop out of holes in groups of four. In this manner they are identical to Shemum from Kid Icarus. They also have green cyclops variants in the sewers, in The Pirate's Curse. In pirate's curse red ones have 1 HP and green ones have 2 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - ardvark bee

Big flies Shantae Big Flies inhabit the skies of various locations in Shantae. They have two smaller flies rotating around them.

Shantae GBC - sprite - crab RR sprite - crab

Crab Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
Crabs are found inside Dribble Fountain and Squid Baron's Labyrinth. They often walk back and forth on their given surface, and can easily be killed by whipping while crouched. In pirate's curse they have 1 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - jumpingjelly

Jumping Jellies Shantae Jumping Jellies jump from the waters inside Dribble Fountain, and levitate in the air for a moment before falling back down. When touched they turn into a puff of smoke. They can be defeated.

Shantae GBC - sprite - platform

Platforms Shantae Platforms are found within Dribble Fountain, and are used to get to higher places in the dungeon. They have intervals of time where they can't be stepped on due to electricity.

Shantae GBC - sprite - walleel

Skeletal Worms Shantae Skeletal worms are found in Dribble Fountain, and are used as platforms that pop in and out of their holes. The are unable to harm Shantae.

Shantae GBC - sprite - snapfish RR sprite - pincer

Pincers Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
Pincers are located in Dribble Fountain and various locations in Risky's Revenge and The Pirate's Curse. They jump up from the gaps between platforms to try and pinch Shantae. They can only be defeated in Risky's Revenge, using thunder.

Shantae GBC - sprite - wetmanf Shantae GBC - sprite - wetmanm



The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
Wetmen are located in Dribble Fountain (the "male" variant can be found encased in ice in Twinkle Palace). The "female" versions drip down from the ceiling and charge for Shantae, then rise back to the ceiling, and attack from there as well. Males stay right-side-up at all times, and will block your attacks sometimes. When they are about to charge, they get in a fighting stance, which is the best time to whip them. They occasionally jump forward to change position. In The Pirate's Curse, only the males appear. In pirate's curse they have 80 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - dribbleboss

Tentacle Monster* Shantae The Tentacle Monster is the first boss of Shantae, found within Dribble Fountain. It is a giant one-eyed metallic monster with tentacles coming from below it. Its weak point is its giant eye, which rotates around it as it moves across the room. Sometimes, the boss submerges itself under the stage, and eventually brings up a wave of water, which can be avoided with . Once defeated, you receive the .

Shantae GBC - sprite - naga SRR sprite - naga

Nagas Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
These creatures are lady up top and snake down low. Their screams are powerful long range attacks. The is a proposed form for Half-Genie Hero. Nagas are creatures from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Throughout the series only female Nagas have been portrayed, but according to these mythologies there are also male Nagas.

In The Pirate's Curse the Nagas inhabit the underworld. In Pirate's Curse they have 40 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - sandworm

Centipedes* Shantae
Half-Genie Hero
Centipedes are found in the Ladies Desert, and serve as blockades for Shantae to destroy. Some of them can easily be jumped over.

Shantae GBC - sprite - scorpion female Shantae GBC - sprite - scorpion male


[2] ScorpGals[2]

The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
Scorpion people, or girtablilu, are an aggressive race who live in the deserts. They have the head and torso of a human, and the claws, body, legs and tail of a scorpion. The males live separate from the females. In The Pirate's Curse the females attack using swords.

Shantae GBC - sprite - beetle

Beetles Shantae Beetles can be found in the Men's Desert. They occasionally shoot out four projectiles, which rain down on Shantae. In pirate's curse they appear on mudbog island and attack just like they did in the original.

Shantae GBC - sprite - rockcrab

Rock Crabs* Shantae Rock crabs inhabit Golem Mine. They pretend to be the actual rocks found nearby. When disturbed, they will jump up and begin moving around, sometimes shooting out projectiles.

Shantae GBC - sprite - plug

Plug Men* Shantae Plug Men are exclusive to Golem Mine. They come in two colors: red and blue. When approached colored the opposite from them, they will attack you with sparks. When colored the same, they don't attack.

Shantae GBC - sprite - magnet

Magnet Men* Shantae Magnet Men are found within Golem Mine. Like Plug Men, they come in red and blue. They jump around the room, occasionally attracting you towards them if you are the opposite color. When you are close enough, they will grab and shake you furiously, switching your colors around.

Shantae GBC - sprite - golem RR sprite - golem

Golems Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Golems appear as enemies in the first game, belligerent obstacles in the second, and return to enemy status in the third. They don't appear particularly intelligent, but they are apparently the builders and masters of Golem Mine and have their own king. Since the same golem effigies that decorate the mine also adorn the mysterious floating pyramids high above the desert, among which are host to the ancient Spy Scope, it's likely they are an ancient race who are, or were once, quite advanced. Their natural enemy is the , which can shatter them with a single charge.

Shantae GBC - sprite - golemboss

King Golem Shantae King Golem is the boss of Golem Mine. When it raises its hands up to its head, ram into them in form, and use them as platforms to get to the crystal, which you must attack to win. When defeated, you obtain the

Shantae GBC - sprite - brown guy

Fire Shooters* Shantae Fire Shooters dwell Rain Storm River, pacing around the ground. When Shantae is spotted, they begin shooting three fireballs at a time.

Shantae GBC - sprite - reaper

Reapers* Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Reapers are found in the skies of Rain Storm River, and stalk Shantae when seen. They also appear in a blue cloak with bone like scythe in the Village of Lost Souls.

Shantae GBC - sprite - giant snail

Giant Snails* Shantae Giant Snails loaf around in Snail Wasteland, not moving at all. They only come out of their shell during the day, and if you stand next to them for too long, they will chomp on you.

Shantae GBC - sprite - preying mantis

Fire Mantises* Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Fire Mantises roam Snail Wasteland, shooting fireballs at Shantae using their fore-limbs. In Pirate's Curse they share a similar appearance and attack mode to the 8 slicer from the 1992 game Sonic the Hedgehog 2, while copying all of it's animations and some of it's color scheme. Some might say it's even recolored.

Shantae GBC - sprite - zombie

Zombies Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Zombies are primitive zombies that attack Shantae on sight, unlike more civilized zombies such as Rottytops. When encountered, they first dig their way out of the ground. They are the only enemies inhabiting Zombie Swamp. In The Pirate's Curse you can attack their severed head to make it drop more gems. They also have the feet of an orc and, more corpse like, hands of a naga.

Shantae GBC - sprite - tree beetle

Tree Climbers* Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Tree climbers are found climbing up and down trees in Ghost Forest. They also stomp down on Shantae.

Shantae GBC - sprite - ghost

Ghosts Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Ghosts are everywhere in Ghost Forest, as one would expect. They simply move back and forth, so they can easily be avoided, however, there are some points where being hasty will get you hurt. In Pirate's Curse they appear again as white more stereotypical ghost who can vanish in an instant. They also weild a candle.

Shantae GBC - sprite - blob family

Blob Family* Shantae The Blob Family is a group of one big blob and two tiny blobs which bounce around Ghost Forest.

Shantae GBC - sprite - cackler1 Shantae GBC - sprite - cackler2 RR spr - skeleton

Cacklers Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
"Cackler" is the Sequin Land term for the fleshless breed of undead.[3] This includes your standard bone-chucking skeletal thug and your robe-wearing grim reaper wizard spookball.

The term seems to come from a sound they make when they speak - as seen in Shantae's encounter with Hypno Baron.

Shantae GBC - sprite - shrieker



Shantae Tall birdlike specters[2] found within Cackle Mound. The create portals that summon ghosts.

Shantae GBC - sprite - roboskull

Quadruple Skulls* Shantae Quadruple Skulls are a miniboss within Cackle Mound. They appear in a room with four skulls on the wall, and the robo skull alternates between them, shooting fireballs.

Shantae GBC - sprite - sizzleboss

Wheel Beast


Shantae Wheel Beast is the boss of Cackle Mound. It attacks by rolling up into a ball, and rolling around the room. It can be defeated by jumping onto the walls in back as a , and activating the switch which retracts the platforms underneath, which will deal quite a bit of damage if the Wheel Beast falls in. Once defeated, you obtain the .

Shantae GBC - sprite - archer RR sprite - archer

Archers Shantae
Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
These spiky-haired elfin amazons inhabit the forests and deserts of Sequin Land, typically in ruins. It is possible that blue archers are demons or some kinda underworld creature, since in The Pirate's Curse they shoot their feathery projectiles in the Village of Lost Souls. In pirate's curse purple archers have 20 HP, and blue archers have 25 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - big worm

Tall Worms* Shantae Tall Worms are located in Archer Forest. Much like Centipedes, they serve as blockades. Every time they are hit, their head goes down one notch, and once it reaches the ground, it dies.

Shantae GBC - sprite - dark slime Shantae GBC - sprite - dangling dark slime Shantae GBC - sprite - shadow jumper

Mud bog creatures Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
Strange creatures apparently made out of mud or oil. They populate the Mud Bog Island, but have been spotted in brightly lit forests in screenshots of The Pirate's Curse, as well as more traditional dark desolate areas littered with massive insect corpses. It is shown that "female" variants are bunched up together or hang on the walls. In pirate's curse females have 55 HP, males have 40 HP.

Shantae GBC - sprite - eagle

Eagle Warriors* Shantae
Half-Genie Hero
Eagle Warriors appear in Eagle Wasteland. They ascend from the sky and begin attack Shantae with a flurry of stabs with their blades. In Half-Genie Hero The Eagle Warriors appears in Tassel Town.

Shantae GBC - sprite - wolf Shantae GBC - sprite - ice man

Ice Werewolf Shantae
The Pirate's Curse
In Shantae they are icy-looking men by day, and by night they are wolves. In The Pirate's Curse they appear to remain as wolves during the day and once defeated they explode and turn into humans.

Shantae GBC - sprite - ice turtle

Ice Tortoise* Shantae Ice Tortoises are found on Mount Pointy. They occasionally hide inside their igloo shells, and attack by shooting fireballs.

Shantae GBC - sprite - goop

Goopies* Shantae Goopies are found inside Twinkle Palace. They act much like Crabs, roaming back and forth on their platforms.

Shantae GBC - sprite - penguin

Fire Penguins* Shantae Fire Penguins are located in Twinkle Palace. The slide around, leaving small trails of flames.

Shantae GBC - sprite - twinkleboss

Dragon Rider Shantae Dragon Rider is the boss of Twinkle Palace. It's a small humanoid riding on a large dragon. They fly around the stage, occasionally lowering to attack Shantae. You can knock him to the floor by flying above him as a , and bonking him on the head. Once he's floored, you can transform back into a girl and wail on them. When defeated, you get the .

RR sprite - vinepot

Vinepots Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Vinepots are found in the Squid Baron's Labyrinth. They spit out seeds to attack. In the directors cut version of Risky's Revenge, you can get an achievement for killing one with fire. In pirate's curse they have 30 HP.

RR sprite - knight

Knights Risky's Revenge Knights are one of the more tough enemies in Risky's Revenge. They when harmed, they block attacks using their shields, and can stab the ground to send a wave of energy surging through the ground to damage Shantae. They can be found in various points in the game in two different colors: red and blue, the latter being more durable. In The Pirate's Curse, they appear as female Egyptian knights who are either protectors or invaders of the Tan Line Palace.

RR sprite - squidbaron

RR sprite - minisquidred RR sprite - minisquidpurple RR sprite - minisquidgreen RR sprite - minisquidblue

Squid Baron Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
In Risky's Revenge, Squid Baron is the boss of his own labyrinth. He tricks Shantae into giving him food without helping her because of threats from Risky Boots. In the boss fight, he summons his children to help him out. When defeated, you obtain a . He later helps you out by giving you the for his 3 . He returns in The Pirate's Curse.

RR sprite - slime

Slimes Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Slimes are found in various locations in Risky's Revenge. When Shantae gets near them, they begin to boil, splashing bits of slime out to attack. They are also spawned by the Cyclops Plant in The Pirate's Curse.

RR spr - mermaid

Mermaids Risky's Revenge
The Pirate's Curse
Half-Genie Hero
The enemy counterpart to . Mer-people were hinted to be the original inhabitants of Water Town in Shantae, but Mermaids do not appear until Risky's Revenge. They wield tridents, fire bubbles, and can vanish into puddles they apparently create magically. Shantae's Mermaid form can only fire a bubble underwater, however. Somewhat ironically, enemy Mermaids only ever appear on land. In Half-Genie Hero the mermaids stops attacking when their queen Giga Mermaid is freed. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. According to the myths of these cultures there is also the male counterpart of the mermaids, the mermen, that not appeared yet in the Shantae series. In Half Genie Hero Bolo mentions the "Fish-folk". In the original game, a bipedal mer-woman type creature called a Bog sahagin[2] can appear as an opponent in the Gecko Match. In Pirate's Curse they have 20 HP.

RR sprite - druid

Druids Risky's Revenge Druids are found within Hypno Tower. To attack, they begin conjuring up a spell, which takes a while to charge. When cast, a lightening bolt will strike you from wherever you are in the room.

RR sprite - hypnobaron RR sprite - hypnomimic

Hypno Baron Risky's Revenge
Half-Genie Hero
Hypno Baron is the boss of Hypno Tower. He mimics Uncle Mimic during the fight to attempt lowering Shantae's morale. He teleports around the room, spilling all kinds of chemicals around the room. Once defeated, you receive a .

RR sprite - biterfish

Biter Fish Risky's Revenge
Half-Genie Hero
Biter fish are found all over the waters in Risky's Revenge. The move around one area, constantly chomping to attack. They can easily be killed using .
Rats The Pirate's Curse Rats appear in the sewers of The Pirate's Curse. They charge toward Shantae and make squeak noises when defeated.


Water Lily Siren Seven Sirens Water Lily Siren Seven Sirens. A beautiful Siren who has thorns that strikes it's victims


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