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Bolo's Flail - It's a flail with one spiked ball, used by Bolo as his main and strongest weapon. Even though he has been seen with this weapon in previous games, he truly used it in combat for the first time in Half Genie Hero.

Half-Genie Hero

Friends to The End

Bolo uses this mace from the start of the game. However, unlike Rotty's and Sky's weapons, not only do its speed, range, and damage output increase with each level, its appearance changes as well.

Level 1.png

Level 1

Bolo's flail deals 3 damage points to his opponents.

It has a small range, and the ball is silver in color.

Level 2.png

Level 2

Bolo's flail deals 4 points of damage to his opponents.

It has a slightly longer range, and the ball grows larger and turns bronze.

Level 3.png

Level 3

Bolo's flail deals 5 points of damage to opponents.

It once again gets a longer range and increases in size, and turns gold.

Level 4.png

Level 4

Bolo's flail deals 6 points of damage to opponents.

It has a huge range, increases in size once more, and turns dark orange.

The flail also strikes much faster in its final form.


  • Originally, Bolo's flail was black.