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Bran-Son, whose real name is Brandon, is a minor character in The Pirate's Curse. He is a hero that claims to be "The Most Capable Man In The Galaxy" and wields an Enchanted Blade that grants him "The Advantage" when he holds it erect and says the mystical words: "Hey guys, we should go get matching purses! No reason they should just be for ladies anymore! Am I right, hey fellas don't leave, fellas come back!"

Having left his Enchanted Blade on the bus, Shantae must find it on Tan Line Island and return it to Brandon. Once he has it and a crowd (consisting of the Ammo Baron's henchgirls Twitch and Vinegar) to stupefy and amaze with his transformation, Brandon becomes Bran-Son and gives everybody an educational speech on how they should always be true to who they really are. He also speaks of his arch-enemy, the Grim Reaper's Ghost, and Twitch and Vinegar humorously speak of how they plan to sell the information of Bran-Son's true identity to him.


Bran-Son is an obvious parody of the superhero He-Man and makes fun of many of the character's aspects. He looks nearly-identical to his alter-ego, spoofs the public service announcements that were a staple of his and other 1980s cartoons, and references various Internet-spawned memes pertaining to He-Man's unintentionally homoerotic design.