Cackle Tower Entrance

The entrance to Cackle Tower.

Cackle Tower is the second labyrinth in The Pirate's Curse . It is located on Spiderweb Island and is where the player acquires Risky's Hat.

In order to gain access you must have an item given to you by Poe.

In some areas of the Tower you will encounter BatGals and Cacklers. The puzzles here consist of you trying to navigate your way using strange vortex creatures that send Shantae straight out of their mouths in whatever direction you press (if they were green) or automatically send her in a fixed direction (if red). The boss is the Empress Spider

Heart Squids

  • The first one you'll see is located in the room with those strange plants all over the place. Go to the two pots on the bottom and there will be a hidden vortex creature that will shoot you straight up to the Heart Squid.
  • The second one is found in the next room directly to the left, which is accessed by going to the top left part of the room with the first Heart Squid. Here you'll find it by dropping down while remaining to the right, you can go back up by using the red plant available.
  • The third Squid can be found right after that. It's in plain sight and you'll get it by standing on the gray platform provided and move left, this will make Shantae crawl and fall to where the Squid is.
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