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Cape Crustacean is the fifth area Shantae visits in Half-Genie Hero. The annual magic carpet tournament is held here. Shantae comes along to the race when she hears that someone's trying to sabotage it. This level consists of three areas: the Race, the Airship Fleet, and the Flagship.


​The Race

From the starting line, after jumping on the first carpet, you must jump from platform to platform. The other racers are not hostile, but can be knocked out for an achievement. Twitch & Vinegar guard the end of the stage.

​The Airship Fleet

The final magic carpet drops Shantae off atop one of the Ammo Baron's airships, high in the sky. The player must platform their way across to the front of the Ammo Baron's fleet, dodging his soldiers and various traps along the way. Some of the airships contain puzzle rooms with Heart Holders, Gallery Keys, and gems.

​The Flagship

The last area is the inside of the leading airship. Even more of the Ammo Baron's soldiers await, as well as a lot of spike pits. Shantae must make her way to the airship's engine in order to destroy it and ground Ammo Baron.


  • The Mouse Dance (on completing the level)
  • Red Stone
  • Spider Venom