The Chef Girl lives at the far edge of Tangled Forest with her dog Wobble Bell.

Risky's Revenge

She dreams of travelling the world as a great chef with Wobble Bell, but loses hope in this dream when Wobble Bell goes missing.

When Shantae returns Wobble Bell to her, she cooks Shantae a Tasty Meal that can be used to get into Squid Baron's Labyrinth. The Chef Girl is demonstrably insane, as evidenced by the grandiose rant she shares if you refuse to give back Wobble Bell.

Surprisingly enough she seems unfazed should Shantae decide to hair-whip Wobble Bell, and is said to have gone on to be a famous traveling chef during the events of The Pirate's Curse.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

The Chef Girl is found high above the Burning Town and asks Shantae to clear 30 Tinkerbats in her newly opened restaurant on Main Street so that she may renew her Health Permit. After Shantae defeats 30 Tinkerbats and talks to Chef Girl again she gives Shantae Salted Caramel while explaining to Shantae that she was able to find the recipe of it while studying arts abroad to which she names it "Caramel Le Poopah" in honor of her dog Wobble Bell.

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