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Empress Spider fighting Shantae

The Chit Chat Spiders are creatures used by zombies such as Rottytops to gather information on certain subjects and communicate. According to Rottytops, they are linked to a so-called World-Wide Web.

Rottytops uses one of those in the beginning of Risky's Revenge to help Shantae locate Risky Boots and the Magic Seals. Apparently, the system is subject to "bugs" and "worms" and such puns. Although grateful, Shantae just calls it gross and unreliable, even though she is able herself to turn into a Spider in Shantae and Half-Genie Hero.

Empress Spider

Apparently, some Chit Chat Spiders can grow far beyond their normal size and then become threats even to zombies. The Empress Spider (dubbed "Chit-Chat Queen Royale") in the Cackle Tower in The Pirate's Curse, which Shantae has to defeat to seal the place, is one such example, having trapped Rottytops in its web before scurrying back to its lair once Shantae arrived.

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