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Coral Mine is the second labyrinth of Shantae and the Seven Sirens and is the domain ruled over by the Coral Siren who shares its name. It is where Vera is held captive.

The primary puzzle element in this dungeon lies in forging keys. Shantae must construct a path in order to guide molten metal into key molds using a series of sliding tiles on the back walls of the mine. There are also several shortcuts and paths forward blocked off by soft dirt, which require the Gastro Drill Fusion in order to traverse.

Heart Squids

  • At the top of the long room to the dungeon's left side.
  • At the top of the long room to the dungeon's right side. Requires Gastro Drill.
  • Under a shallow sand pit in front of the Labyrinth's second locked door. Requires Gastro Drill.
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