The Coral Siren is one of the Seven Sirens. Instead of relying on innate abilities, this Siren uses tools and machinery to battle anyone foolish enough to visit her lair in the Coral Mines.


It is quite clear that Drills to the Gills and Shantae are enemies. Unlike her fellow sirens, however, the Coral Siren is much more serious, much like the Empress Siren herself can be.

Just like the other six sirens, the Coral Siren is Lawful Evil.


Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Drills to the Gills appears as the boss of the Coral Mines. In battle, she attacks by launching bombs, charging into the foreground, and performing big leaps from the background plane to the gameplay plane. The giant leap takes around three to five seconds to complete. When Drills does the latter, Shantae must dig holes in the floor via her Gastrol Drill transformation, and has three or five seconds to do so before she gets crushed. Drilling the holes causes the Coral Siren to get stuck when she lands. When Drills gets stuck, Shantae can strike at the Coral Siren's weak points. As she loses health, Drills to the Gills is less likely to perform the giant leap. Shantae can also use the Gastrol Drill transformation to dodge the charge attack that the Coral Siren can do.

Notable Quotes

  • "Bombs away!"
  • "Fire!"
  • "Take This!"


  • The Coral Siren (Inside her suit is in the middle for size of the Seven Sirens when it comes to biggest sizes that have been obtained. For normal size, she is the third largest.
  • She is the first Siren to have functional humanoid legs in the game. The Empress Siren (despite not using them much to move) and Lobster Siren have functional humanoid legs as well.




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