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Cyclops Plant, aka the Frighteningly Fixated Flora, is the second boss of the Pirate's Curse. It is the boss of Spittle Maze.

Boss Battle

During its intro, the Cyclops plant breaks from its lair and reveals its eye.

First Phase

  • Use the pistol to hit the small eye on either corner of the room (they disappear and reappear, so be sure to hit the right one!) to raise the platform in order to attack the Cyclops Plant with the pistol. Shantae can attack the eye directly with the regular hair whip if standing close enough.
  • The cyclops plant will shoot lasers from his eye and move trying to hit Shantae. Dodge by jumping, running to the other side of the room, or both depending on the situation.
  • The eye of the cyclops plant will drip two Slimes at a time at some points during the fight. Be sure to kill them as soon as possible or else they could be a bother.
  • After 30 HP of damage is dealt, the Cyclops Plant will start exploding and the second phase begins.

Second Phase

  • At this point of the fight, the Cyclops Plant is reduced to just an eye. When it bounces around the room, dodge to make sure Shantae doesn't get hit while attacking it with the hair whip (unlike the pistol, hair-whipping speeds up the bouncing but inflicts more damage).
  • When it stops bouncing it will shoot a laser beam across the room. This can be dodged by either jumping over the Cyclops Plant or simply crouching.
  • After another 150 HP damage, the eye explodes and the battle ends (for real this time).

The Green Thumb achievement is awarded on defeating this boss. Master Gardener is awarded for defeating it without taking damage, and What an eyesore... is awarded for defeating it using only Pike Ball items.