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Scuttle Town DanceParlor

Inside the Dance Parlor.

The Dance Parlor is a location in Scuttle Town in Shantae where Shantae can go to dance on stage for gems. However, the minigame is only available during nighttime. This minigame requires the player to press buttons in a timed sequence as shown onscreen, like a rythm game. There are several ranks, each increasing in difficulty and in the number of gems that are rewarded. A bonus is rewarded for a perfect score. The parlor is run by Dance Parlor Lady.


Scuttle Town Dance

Shantae dancing for the crowd!

Rank E

Cost: 10 gems

Goal: 12 gems

Possible: 16 gems

Win Bonus: 5 (+5) gems

Perfect Bonus: 15 (+5) gems

Rank D

Cost: 15 gems

Goal: 15 gems

Possible: 20 gems

Win Bonus: 10 (+10) gems

Perfect Bonus: 20 (+10) gems

Rank C

Cost: 20 gems

Goal: 18 gems

Possible: 24 gems

Win Bonus: 15 (+15) gems

Perfect Bonus: 35 (+15) gems

Rank B

Cost: 25 gems

Goal: 21 gems

Possible: 28 gems

Win Bonus: 20 (+20) gems

Perfect Bonus: 50 (+20) gems

Rank A

Cost: 30 gems

Goal: 24 gems

Possible: 32 gems

Win Bonus: 25 (+25) gems

Perfect Bonus: 75 (+25) gems


  • When the goal is reached, and you talk to the Parlor Lady to receive your reward, you get unmentioned gems equal to however much the normal win bonus is. It can be assumed these are gems rewarded for completing the rank, despite being told you get another win bonus.
  • The music for the Dance Parlor later becomes the theme for Scuttle Town.
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