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The Elemental Stones (also referred to as Sacred Stones or Magic Stones) are four objects that embody the primordial elements of the cosmos; with each stone possessing a unique power based off of the element they possess.

Due to the power of these items, each was placed deep within a labyrinth (Dribble Fountain, Cackle Mound, Golem Mine and Twinkle Palace). In ancient times, the stones were protected by Guardian Genies. However, now they are protected only by the bosses that have taken up residence in the labyrinth.

During the events of Shantae, Risky Boots traveled around Sequin Land in search of these stones, so that she could power the Steam Engine indefinitely. She allowed Shantae to recover all the stones so that she could steal them from her. At the end of the game, Shantae learns that Risky has used the stones to power her All-Purpose Steam-Powered Tinkerbot. Shantae destroys the four stones, negating their power and allowing her to destroy the Tinkerbot's Steam Engine.

Shantae GBC - sprites - Dribble Stone.gif Dribble Stone

The Dribble Stone, representing the element of Water, was hidden within the depths of Dribble Fountain. It can produce an infinite amount of water. The Dribble Stone is an aqua color and has water dripping out of it.

Shantae GBC - sprites - Sizzle Stone.gif Sizzle Stone

The Sizzle Stone (in some texts referred to as the Simmer Stone), representing the element of Fire, was hidden within the depths of Cackle Mound. It can produce an unlimited amount of heat. The Sizzle Stone is basically made of orange flames.

Shantae GBC - sprites - Twinkle Stone.gif Twinkle Stone

The Twinkle Stone, representing the element of Ice, was hidden within the depths of Twinkle Palace. The Twinkle Stone is cyan color and sparkles with coldness.

Shantae GBC - sprites - Golem Stone.gif Golem Stone

The Golem Stone, representing the element of Earth, was hidden within the depths of Golem Mine. The Golem Stone is purple in color and seems to froth in grossness.