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Hi there. So you want to submit some fanart? Great. Please read these guidelines:

  1. All art must be credited to its original creator. See Best Practices below for info on how to do that.
  2. The art must (obviously) relate to the Shantae game series. It can contain other characters, or be a character mashup, but it does have to feature Shantae characters or things in some way.
  3. All art must be appropriate for a general audience.

Best Practices

  • If the art isn't your own work, drop the artist a line to ask if it's ok to put their art on the wiki.
  • Once the image is posted, go to the image's Media page and tag it with the 'Fanart' category. Additionally, tag it with 'Art by _____' with the artist's name or handle.
  • When posting art in a gallery or as a stand-alone image, you can streamline captioning it by using the DeviantArt template. To do this, simply put {{DA|ARTIST_NAME|NAME_OF_PIECE}}. This will display as "NAME_OF_PIECE by ARTIST_NAME ", quotations used here just for clarity. (If you leave out the name of the piece, it will simply provide a link to the artist's DA profile, eg: " MattBozon ".)
  • You don't have to create a page for the 'Art by _____' category page, because it will eventually be made by an admin. But if you do, that'd be super. Really all you have to do is paste in the following and put the artist name where applicable, and it will be formatted and categorized as necessary:


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