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The Fighter's Gear is a set of four items that can be purchased in Water Town for large sums of money. They give Shantae special attacks that are activated with certain button presses or combinations.

Item Cost Description


300gems Double-tap Controls-up.png for a 2 hit spin kick.

This is an extremely handy attack to have, as it allows you to attack enemies above you very easily, without the precise timing of a jump-whip.



400gems Attack (B button) during a spin kick to drill through your foes.

The drill attack is ideal for hitting enemies below you. It travels perfectly diagonally, which makes it easy to aim even at the smallest of targets. If the target survives, Shantae will immediately end the kick and drop to the ground; keep this in mind if you wish to avoid the target's retaliatory collision damage.



500gems Hold down attack (B button) to charge up a mighty elbow dash.

This one takes a while to charge. It can't be cancelled, so you might have to re-train yourself not to hold the B button button for running while you are idle, or you might find yourself in a charge directly into a pit. Best to avoid using it in areas with pits.



900gems Attack (B button) during an elbow dash for a powerful twirl attack.

The attack is powerful, but it comes with the dangers of the elbow dash, and requires more time to prepare. An additional advantage of this form is that it takes you very high, so a few items that would otherwise require a more advanced transformation can be gotten without said forms. That said, it's extremely expensive, so by the time you can afford it you might already have the requisite form.