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Fillin, short for Fillin the Blank, is the pseudonym used by Rottytops in order to sneak into the Half-Genie Festival on Paradise Island in order to spend time with Shantae.


"Fillin" is a bit forgetful and awkward, as a result of Rotty not thinking through her cover story as a half-genie. She occasionally teases others in a lighthearted way.


Shantae and the Seven Sirens

One of the Half-Genies that is performing at the Half-Genie Festival, she ends up abducted by an unknown assailant, forcing Shantae to rescue her. She is rescued in the Squid Pit, after which she reveals her true identity and gives Shantae the Jet Octo Fusion Coin.


  • Her disguise is given away by the following:
    • According to the NPCs on Paradise Island, all Half-Genies are a hybrid of human fathers and genie mothers. No other hybrid between a genie and another species other than human has been shown in the series so far.
    • She gives Shantae and Harmony different answers when asked about her name.
    • Rottytops has been known to enjoy cosplay.
    • Her outfit takes care to hide her stitched arms and legs, which would quickly give her away if shown.