Shantae Wiki

There are 12 fireflies in Shantae. Getting all 12 will allow Shantae to read the scroll in the Firefly Shrine in Water Town that will allow her to learn the Healing Dance. They only appear at night, and only in outdoor locations (so there's no point in searching in caves or labyrinths).

Because - unlike other collectible items in the game - Fireflies are only useful when you have all of them, it's best to leave the Firefly hunt to the end when Shantae is more powerful and can transform into the Harpy or Tinkerbat. This will make the whole process easier and faster.

# Location Required Description Screenshot
1 Scarecrow Field - Hovering over a small platform held up by two pillars. Shantae (USA) 54 FF1.png
2 Rain Storm - The Firefly is easily found near the beginning. Scr ff rain storm.png
3 Waterfall Lake This one is in plain sight from the start, but cannot be reached until the Spider form is acquired. Scr ff lake.png
4 Snail Wasteland / About two thirds of the way through the Snail area is a rocky area that can be climbed. Immediately to the right of the top of this plateau is a Firefly. Scr ff snail.png
5 Hidden Waterfall / In the Hidden Waterfall area, stand on the branch on the far right and turn into either the monkey or the harpy and climb/fly upwards through the gap. There is a little chamber with a Firefly in it. Scr ff hidden waterfall.png
6 Naga Wasteland + The leftmost rocky part of this area (the one that features a vertical shaft lined with spikes) has this Firefly at its summit. While it's possible to get it with the Monkey and the Spider, it's far easier just to come back later as a Harpy. Scr ff naga.png
7 Eagle Wasteland + Close to the right entrance is a tall climbable surface for the Spider. Towards the top there is a platform with two bats nearby. From there, drop to a platform just out of sight below that one where you will find the Firefly. Scr ff eagle wasteland.png
8 Mount Pointy The Firefly is in plain view just above the Save Guy, on the western cliff face of the mountain. Scr ff mount pointy.png
9 Mud Bog The very first climbable area you find heading westward, climb it, and you'll immediately find a glowing insect. Scr ff mud bog.png
10 Ghost Forest It is found at the first of the walls that initially divides this area. If you use the Monkey to climb up, you will find a little area inset into the wall with a Firefly. Scr ff ghost forest.png
11 Ghost Forest Fly directly above the left entrance and find this Firefly in an indentaiton in the rocks. Scr ff ghost forest 2.png
12 Archer Forest In plain view over some ruins just right of the massive pit that requires the Spider to pass. Scr ff artcher.png