Fusion Magic is a type of magic first introduced in Shantae and the Seven SirensThere are two forms of Fusion Magic: Fusion Forms, which give Shantae instant transformations, and Fusion Dances, which affect the environment around her.

Fusion Forms

Shantae gains the power of Fusion Forms after she is given Fusion Coins by her fellow Half-Genies and Rottytops. These new forms allow her to transform instantly, without needing to dance. They are all based on rare creatures inhabiting Paradise Island.

Newt Fusion

The Newt Fusion coin is given to Shantae by Plink after rescuing her from the Water Lily's Den. As a Dash Newt, Shantae can zip through the air, stick to and climb up or down walls. It is similar to the Monkey Form in other games.

Drill Fusion

The Drill Fusion coin is recieved from Vera after she is rescued from the Coral Mine, and it allows Shantae to transform into a Gastro Drill. Using the Drill Fusion, Shantae can dig through soft dirt to reach new areas.

Tortoise Fusion

The Tortoise Fusion coin is given to Shantae by Zapple after rescuing her from the Sea Vent Lab, and gives her the power to transform into a Bonker Tortoise. With this form Shantae gains a spin attack and a stomp attack, both of which can break through rocks.

Frog Fusion

The Frog Fusion coin is given to Shantae by Harmony after rescuing her from The Boiler, and it allows her to become a Sea Frog. As a Sea Frog, Shantae can swim through water at low or high speeds. 

Octo Fusion

The Octo Fusion coin is obtained after Shantae rescues Fillin (actually Rotty) from the Squid Pit. The Jet Octo form allows Shantae to boost through the air on jets of ink vapor, effectively giving her a double and triple jump.

Fusion Dances

Shantae obtains Fusion Dances after using Fusion Stones to borrow the magic of the other Half-Genies (except Fillin, who only gives Shantae the Octo Fusion coin). These dances have a wide range of environment-affecting powers.

Seer Dance

Seer Fusion

Seer Dance

The Seer Dance is obtained when Shantae combines her magic with Plink. This dance allows Shantae to seek out hidden pathways and items, and it reveals invisible enemies.

Refresh Dance

Refresh Dance

Refresh Dance

By combining her magic with Vera, Shantae gains the Refresh Dance. This dance revitalizes plants, people, and undead enemies. It also allows Shantae to heal at any time. 

Spark Dance

Spark Dance

Spark Dance

When Shantae combines her magic with Zapple, she gains the Spark Dance. This dance powers machines and attacks enemies with a barrage of electricity.

Quake Dance

Quake Dance

Quake Dance

When Shantae combines her magic with Harmony, she gains the Quake Dance. This dance creates an earthquake around Shantae, which can open blocked pathways, reveal hidden statues, and deal massive damage to enemies.



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