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Some of the enemies in the Ghost Forest.

The Ghost Forest is a segment in The Pirate's Curse as part of Spiderweb Island and is only accessible in the "Run! Run! Rottytops" minigame.

In "Run! Run! Rottytops", Shantae must carry Rottytops to her house on the other side of the island while avoiding all the monsters that stand in the way. Shantae cannot attack at all and a single touch will send her back to the beginning of the area. After clearing the Ghost Forest, it will become inaccessible for the remainder of the game and attempting to go back will have Shantae immediately refuse.

After fixing the wagon, Poe will take Shantae through the forest to and from Rotty's house when asked.


The soundtrack used in this level has spawned a variety of memes and parodies which sometimes get more popularity than the actual source material.