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Ghost Dog or Ghost Genie is a character that you meet in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. She guards a sealed door that leads to the deepest parts of the Sunken City, which includes the Squid Pit.

When Shantae finds her, she warns the half-genie not to restore power to the Siren's city, as the Sirens are, in her own words, endless in number. Despite this warning, she helps Shantae do just that by giving her a collar to take to the Ghost Elder (which holds a Fusion Stone) and repairing the Power Rod once the half-genie finds both pieces. She also reveals the city's true nature to Shantae - it is not a city at all, but an airship that the Sirens once used to terrorize the surface. Risky Boots seeks to use it for a similar purpose. The ship is ultimately destroyed after the fight with Empress Siren, much to Risky's chagrin.


  • She is implied to be Harmony's mother - if you talk to her after the escape sequence following the completion of the Squid Pit, but before destroying the solar towers, she will ask you how you got the Quake Dance, as only she and her daughter can supposedly use it.

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