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Golem Mine, adorned with golem faces.

Golem Mine is the second dungeon in Shantae. It is located in the Mens Desert and is where Shantae first obtains the Elephant Dance from a Guardian Genie.

To gain access, speak to Sky in her hatchery in Oasis Town, then meet Wrench at the labyrinth entrance afterwards.

True to its name, the labyrinth is inhabited by stone Golems. Additionally it is inhabited by a variety of magnetic creatures. Many of the labyrinth's puzzles are related to manipulating these by charging Shantae with either red or blue polarity.


King Golem as he uses his hands to attack.

The boss - King Golem, a stone giant with a crystal brain - guards its treasure, the

. Defeating him is quite simple.

  • When he shoots fireballs, dodge them in Girl form.
  • When he uses his hands to attack, jump over them.
  • When his hands raise up next to his head, whack them with the Elephant and use them as a platform to attack the crystal in his head.

Baby Warp Squids

# Required Description Screen
1 Take the first elevator down until you reach a point where you are flanked by two circular barred windows. Walk through the wall on the right to find the little guy. Scr golem mine ws1.png
2 You can see this one from the elevator, but you won't be able to reach it till later. Behind a locked door to the left of the elevator shaft is a room with a golem and four hanging lantern platforms. Use the monkey to scale up a shaft on the ceiling and then the elephant to smash through some stalagamajigs in an opening on the right. Scr golem mine ws2.png
3 In the chamber just above the shaft you scaled to reach the last warp squid, there are a bunch of blue lightning guys who rain bolts down on you. Go to the left and find the secret passage that leads you up to their level, and turn the tables on them. Once you've killed them all you'll find a baby warp squid to the right. Scr golem mine ws3.png
4 Close to the entrance, past the first set of stalageroonies you encountered on your way down, is a room where you fight one of those magnet men and acquire a key. The top left corner of this room has a hidden chamber with a warp squid inside. Scr golem mine ws4.png
5 In the room where you have to elephant charge a statue to get some stalagmites to fall into a pool of lava (all the way down the main elevator, then go through the left door), there is a BWS on a platform to the left and to the up of the lava pool in that room. Scr ws golem mine 5.png