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Guardian Genies are NPC characters who appear in multiple Shantae games.

In the past, Guardian Genies protected Sequin Land from monsters and mishaps. Their heroism won long years of peace, during which many of the genies fell in love with mortal men. The resulting offspring were all girls, seemingly human but with a trace of magical power, often lying dormant or manifesting in unusual ways. Thus Half-genies came into the world.

Sadly, as the ages passed, large numbers of Guardian Genies began to disappear from Sequin Land until not one remained. Many folks imagined that they had been captured inside bottles, while others believed that the genies had returned to their own realm, Genie Realm. With the guardians gone, Sequin Land began to fall prey to evil.

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Status of Genies in the Human World

Genies did not disappear completely, however. Four were saved by Shantae in Shantae. Additionally, Shantae herself believed Risky Boots' Genie disguise, suggesting that a free, living Genie was not too difficult to believe. Additionally Half-genies organized to take on the responsibilities of their mothers, often calling themselves Guardian Genies (for example, Shantae told the Mayor of Scuttle Town that she was a Guardian Genie - he did not know that she was a Half-genie).

Shantae in the Genie Realm

Genie Realm

The Genie Realm is a place where Genies reside, and is probably where they originate. At the end of the first game, Shantae is given the choice to remain in this realm by the four Guardian Genies she rescued. However, she refused, as becoming a full Genie would mean abandoning her friends in the mortal world. It's unclear how passage to and from this world works.

Notable Genies

Guardians of the Four Elements

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Shantae GBC - sprite - guardian genie 1.gif

The four Guardian Genies who guarded the four Elemental Stones (Dribble Stone, Golem Stone, Simmer Stone and Twinkle Stone) were imprisoned by the monsters who took control of those labyrinths. Each of them taught Shantae a new transformation dance (




) which allowed her to beat the dungeon and recover the element (however briefly) from the boss monster. When Shantae destroyed the four elements in order to stop Risky's

powered TinkerTank, the four Genies brought Shantae to the Genie Realm and offered to let her stay and become a full Genie. When she declined this offer, they returned her to Sequin Land. Presumably they remained in the Genie Realm, no longer having a purpose in Sequin Land.

The four genies are dark skinned and wear the same off-white outfit, likely due to them sharing the same character sprite. Regardless, their similiar appearence could suggest that they are related to each other somehow.

Shantae's Mother

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Almost nothing is known about Shantae's mother. She was initially presumed to be deceased (or otherwise sealed away in the Genie Realm) after the war against the Pirate Master but she was confirmed to still be alive at the end of The Pirate's Curse, as Mimic mentions that Shantae will meet her one day. It can be inferred that neither of Shantae's parents are from Scuttle Town as the residents (with the exception of Mimic, who has known Shantae for longer than she's lived in Scuttle Town) were initially unaware of her mixed lineage.

Uncle Mimic knew Shantae's mother in the past, and revealed that he promised not to reveal the secrets of the magic lamp to her daughter in Risky's Revenge. It was necessarily broken.


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Nega-Shantae is an evil clone of Shantae created from her own genie magic. She is the final boss of Risky's Revenge and also briefly returns in Half-Genie Hero .

Holly Lingerbean

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A half-genie who appears in the Half-Genie Hero chapter, Fire & Forget. She briefly replaces Shantae as Scuttle Town's Guardian Genie before revealing her true nature as a memory in the remains of Tassle Town.


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A half-genie who appears in the Seven Sirens . She specializes in Quake Magic.


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A half-genie who appears in the Seven Sirens . She specializes in Seer Magic.


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A half-genie who appears in the Seven Sirens . She specializes in Refresh Magic.


SRR scroll x2.png Main article: Zapple

A half-genie who appears in the Seven Sirens . She specializes in Spark Magic.

"Fillin The Blank"

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A character who appears in the Seven Sirens , who is actually Rottytops disguised as a half-genie. She mistakenly believed she would not have been invited along for her friend's vacation, and didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Ghost Genie

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A genie who became a ghost before the events in Seven Sirens. Shantae meets her in the form of a ghost dog and learns that she was Paradise Island’s Guardian Genie who sunk the Sirens’ airship and robbed Empress Siren of her physical form. She is implied to be Harmony’s mother.


  • The genies in the lore of Shantae are similar to Sila from Arabian folklore. Sila (alternatively spelled, Si'lat, Si'la or Silah) are supernatural creatures related to jinn and ghouls that usually take the form of humanoid females. A trait most assosciated with Sila is that they have relationships and fall in love with human men and sometimes will have offspring with them. The genies relations to human men are/were very important to the story of Shantae and the origins of half-genies.
    • They are said to be talented shapeshifters but can be discovered by their hybrid appearances of animals. Shantae herself is the offspring of a genie and a human that shapeshifts into animals.
      • Other genies in the series have been either shown to use animal shapeshifting magic or have a decent amount of knowledge about shapeshifting magic in the series. The half-genies in Shantae and the Seven Sirens even give Shantae fusion coins that give her the abilities of the animals that inhabit their island.
    • The difference is that Sila are considered to be malicious creatures while Guardian Genies are protective over innocent lives.
  • If you talk to the Ghost Dog/Genie after gaining the Quake Dance she asks how Shantae gained such a power as only she and her daughter have that ability. This implies that all guardian genies have a specific magic type that is normally exclusive to them and their descendants.