Shantae GBC - sprite - Heart Holder The Heart Holders increases the heart counters, and thus allow you to live longer. They are found in the wilderness and in caves. Bring a wide variety of items with you as you will need several kinds to get them all. See here for the exact locations.

# Location Required Description Img
1 Scarecrow Field On a slab of rock held by two pillars. Have the monkey jump up there. Shantae (USA) 45 HH1
2 Naga Wasteland After a crawlspace through a stone bump, there is a ladder down into a cave where you'll find a strange eyeball-door blocking the way to a holder as you approach. Slam a Vanishing Creme and walk on through.[Note: It is possible to get the heart holder without the vanishing creme by forcing the door to open then rush on in while the door is raising up.] Shantae (USA) 46 HH2

Shantae (USA) 48 HH2

3 Spider Forest There's a pyramid-shaped hill with slidey leafy slopes in the Spider Forest. It would take a spider to reach it. [Note: This holder does not technically need the spider. It can be obtained by rather haphazardly jumping off the blocks in the middle on to the leaves and then jumping off again for an early-game health boost.] Scr hh spider forest
4 Mud Bog +/ Use the elephant to smash a square of rock found at the foot of one of the rocky bits. Within you will find a cave with a wide pit and a low ceilling. Slamming a Float Muffin will allow you to cross the pit, or you can come back when you have the Harpy form. Src hh mudbogg
5 Archer Forest + When you encounter the archer who shoots on top of a stone arch which stands over a stump. Destroy the stump by using the elephant form and go down the ladder, in the cave there will a be weirdo clown who enjoys cute girls dancing. Use the Twin Mints, and simply dance. Scr hh clown
6 Mens Desert High above the sands are upside down pyramids floating there like gravity were someone else's problem. On one of them you'll find a Heart Holder. Scr hh mens desert
7 Mount Pointy If you flap around the icicle 'roof' of the area enough, you'll find an indentation with this Heart Holder sitting in it. It's on the left side of the summit of Mount Pointy. Scr hh mount pointy

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