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Heart Squids are collectible items making their first appearance in The Pirate's Curse, replacing the Heart Holders from previous games. Every four Heart Squids, Shantae can take them to Scuttle Town and have them forged at the Squidsmith into new hearts. After their absence in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, due to being replaced with that game's Heart Holders, the Heart Squids, alongside the Squidsmith, returned in Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Pirate's Curse: Locations

There are 32 Heart Squids in total. There are always three heart squids in each labyrinth, no more, no less.

Scuttle Town

  • The first one you'll probably see is the one inside the Squidsmith's place. Nothing is required to get it.
  • There's one to the left of Shantae's lighthouse.
  • There's one that you'll see in the Lilac Fields but can't get unless you have Risky's Hat .
  • There's one in the Forest, located in the top of a tree with several branches. You can use the Cannon to get there or run with Risky's boots from a nearby tree branch to gain speed, jump and fly with Risky's Hat to the top of the tree where the Heart Squid is.
  • There's one in Ye Royal Sewers, you just have to walk through the wall and jump to get it.

Saliva Island


  • You'll find one near the beginning of the Island that you'll get later by activating a switch with the Pistols.
  • There's another one that you'll get later in the area in the upper-left to those giant statues that you can't reach till you get Risky's Hat.

Spittle Maze

  • The first Squid you'll see is when you drop down because the other way is blocked by a locked door, like the one in the sewers, you can just walk through the wall to get it.
  • The second Squid can be seen while you're on your way to get the key to that locked door you saw earlier. Getting it may seem impossible but it's a simple matter of making Shantae turn left at the right time while she's falling to get it.
  • The third Squid can be seen right after you unlock that door that was blocking your path earlier. Unlike the first one, you have to crawl from the other side of the wall to get to it.

Spiderweb Island


  • The first one you'll see is on the way to Ghost Forest right next to where the Save Guy is, you can't get it when you first see it but you can once you get the Scimitar.
  • This one isn't really "outdoors" but it's located inside Rottytops' house, near Rottytops.

Cackle Tower

  • The first one you'll see is located in the room with those strange plants all over the place. It might seem like you need the Cannon in order to get it, but if you crawl into the hill on the ground directly below it, there's a hidden mouth that will launch you upward to get the squid.
  • The second one is found in the next room directly to the left, which is accessed by going to the top left part of the room with the first Heart Squid. Here you'll find it by dropping down while remaining to the right, you can go back up by using the red plant available.
  • The third Squid can be found right after that. It's in plain sight and you'll get it by standing on the gray platform provided and move left, this will make Shantae crawl and fall to where the Squid is.

Tan Line Island

Tan Line Temple

  • Once you get past all those guards in the part where you have to hide by staying in the shadows (coming out from the door shown on the map by a light green dot), go straight to the door to the left of it (shown on the map by a light orange dot), pass this area, then go up. Continue your way till you reach an area where the only way you can go from is down. At some point you should go left, enter the door, and there's the squid.

Lost Catacombs

  • The first is seen immediately upon entering the Den, but Shantae initially cannot get it. Once she has the scimitar, she can break the blocks in the floor and walk through the walls to reach it.
  • The second is in the upper-left corner of a large room of spiked platforms on the east side of the map. It is very easy to overlook. It can be easily accessed with a series of hidden launchers found under the platform in the bottom-right (enter from the left).
  • The last one is in the vertical chamber that is filled with breakable blocks. The Heart Squid is hidden in the block at the lowest-left corner.

Mud Bog Island


  • There's one near the beginning of the island that you can't reach before you get the Cannon.
  • Another can be seen once you get to the Village of Lost Souls. You will need Risky's Boots to reach it.
  • Another is found further into the village. You'll need to raise a platform by activating a switch, as well as Risky's Boots.

Oubliette of Suffering

  • (TBA)
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  • (TBA)

Frostbite Island


  • There's one in the maze of vortex creatures in the south-east part of Propeller Town. Take the middle path, then press down, then left to get to the Squid.
  • There is one located in a small opening above you when you jump from chain to chain heading left before you reach Bolo, you will need the cannon to jump into the opening to enter a dark screen with the squid on the right.
  • There's another one in Propeller Town that's at the top of a tower two screens east of where Bolo is that you can only reach if you have the cannon.

Abandoned Factory

  • (TBA)
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  • (TBA)

Seven Sirens: Locations

There are 36 Heart Squids located on Paradise Island. Just like in Pirate's Curse, there are three in each labyrinth, which Seven Sirens helpfully provides a tracker for.

Island East


  • On a high ledge, in the room to the right of the hatch to the Service Area. Requires Dash Newt.


  • Found if you travel down to the lower levels of Island East, then head all the way to the left. This squid is just sitting here.
  • Near the Metal Fish. A Scorpgal lurks near this cave. This squid is at the top of a very tall room. Requires Seer Dance.

Island West

  • Tree Town: A heart squid resides in the dance parlor. In order to win it, Shantae must score perfectly in the dance parlor's minigame.


  • Found near the Solar Tower above the large fan. Requires Quake Dance.


  • A small cave with a large pillar in the middle of the room, coming out of a bottomless pit. Located right after the drop to the lower section of Island West. Requires Dash Newt.
  • A small cave with a sandy passage, located to the left of the West Hatch. Requires Gastro Drill.
  • A small cave with a watery passage, found next door to Tree Town. Requires Sea Frog.

Tour Route


  • A cave shrouded in darkness. Located two rooms to the left of the Save Guy, in the lower levels of the Tour Route. Requires Spark Dance.

Water Lily's Den

  • Sitting on a pedestal behind the first locked door. Requires Dash Newt.
  • At the top of the dungeon's second tall room. Requires Dash Newt.
  • Tucked into an alcove during a fall from the top of the dungeon. Requires Dash Newt.

Mossy Biome


  • Behind a rocky wall in the small pipe maze. Requires either clever maneuvering or the Bonker Tortoise.


  • A cave with a small drop blocked by large, cracked stones. Located near the passage to the Tour Route where Shantae acquires the Valve Handle. Requires Bonker Tortoise.

Coral Mine

  • At the top of the long room to the dungeon's left side.
  • At the top of the long room to the dungeon's right side. Requires Gastro Drill.
  • Under a shallow sand pit in front of the Labyrinth's second locked door. Requires Gastro Drill.



  • Two rooms under the Sea Vent Lab's entrance, in a watery passageway. Requires Sea Frog.


  • A large, bottomless pit with machines on the ceiling. Located to the left of the Warp Room. Requires Spark Dance.

Sea Vent Lab

  • In the second room of the dungeon. Requires Bonker Tortoise.
  • In the large room in the middle of the labyrinth. Requires Bonker Tortoise.
  • Next to the Save Room under the large room in the middle of the labyrinth. Requires Bonker Tortoise.

Sunken Shipyard


  • Hidden above a watery passageway leading to the Deep Sea Domain. Requires Sea Frog.


  • A cave full of large pillars. Located to the left of the watery passageway where the 'Outdoor' Heart Squid is found. Requires Quake Dance.

The Boiler

  • Up on a ledge at the top of a tall room. There are eyeball blocks that you can access with the Sea Frog to reach it.
  • Hidden in a sandy pit, two rooms away from the first Heart Squid. Requires Gastro Drill
  • In the lowest part of the Boiler, through a maze of eyeball blocks.

Mining Site


  • A seemingly bottomless cave near the top of the Mines. It's actually safe to walk across, but you can use the Seer Dance for reassurance.
  • A cave with a tricky platforming challenge, requiring twitch timing. Hidden away at the end of a watery passage near the end of the mines. Requires Dash Newt, Jet Octo, and Bonker Tortoise.

Deep Sea Domain


  • At the top of a tall room full of sand, near the surface of this domain. Requires Gastro Drill.


  • A long cave filled with poisonous water, in a room directly to the left of the 'Outdoor' Heart Squid. Requires Refresh Dance.
  • A spiky maze. Located in the room to the left of the Save Guy, across a poisonous body of water. Requires Jet Octo.
  • A tall, spiky maze. Located above the watery passageway to the right of the Warp Room. Requires Dash Newt and Jet Octo.

The Squid Pit

  • Located in the second-from-the-top room on the left side of the central room. In the room with the machine powered by the Spark Dance, use the Seer Dance.
  • Located in the central room, just above the second-from-the-bottom room on the right. Requires Jet Octo.
  • Located in the central room, above the entrance to the Labyrinth. Requires the Seer Dance and Jet Octo forms.