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Hypno Baron's Castle is the fifth level that Shantae visits in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. This level consists of the Castle and a rainy outside area divided into three sections, and features the inner lair as its boss room.

The Castle

The Castle is large and maze-like. Rather than simply heading from one end to the other, Shantae must navigate though a series of doors that warp her into different sections of the building. During the first visit, only a small radius is visible around Shantae, but the whole screen can be seen once the level has been completed. A map of the castle is provided on this page for easier navigation. It is significantly easier to get through the castle on return visits, as more of the area is visible to the player, and the Harpy can bypass many of the doors by flying through holes between floors.

Abner Cadaver and Poe can be found here. Poe holds the Zombie Hamster necessary for completing the Dynamo, and Abner has a poster that Shantae needs as part of her quest to figure out Risky's plans once she steals the device.

Hypno Baron's Castle Map


The Outdoor area is a much more straightforward platforming section. The main hazards are bottomless pits and spikes. Shantae must carefully navigate her way through these areas with the help of moving, one-eyed block platforms. The Bat transformation is useful here, but players should mind the height that they start at when taking flight - since the Bat can only move left and right, it's easy to run into spikes if you aren't paying attention.

Tuki has a pot set up in the third section of the Outdoor segment.

Squid Baron is the main boss of this area, with Hypno Baron assisting him mid-fight. The Harpy Dance is obtained from completing the level.


The only relic found here is the Bat Sonar.