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Hypno Tower is the third dungeon of Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and is the location of the third Magic Seal. In order to gain entry, Shantae must use Plastic Explosives given to her by Abner Cadaver and Poe in exchange for a Latte.

The primary puzzle element in this dungeon are eyeball-switches that affect doorways. Depending on the direction these eyes are facing (or, in some cases, whether they are open or closed), Shantae will be sent to different rooms containing keys, treasures, or small gauntlets of enemies. Her ultimate goal is to find the two Skull Halves to open the door to the Hypno Baron's boss room.

New Abilities

Shantae gains the

in this dungeon.


Hypno Baron is the boss of this dungeon. He takes on Mimic's form and taunts Shantae with her lack of knowledge regarding the Magic Lamp before beginning his attack.

He primarily fights by teleporting around the room to stay out of Shantae's reach, throwing explosive beakers around the room. There are two outcomes to this attack: the first is a vertical explosion, and the second sends shockwaves along the ground. This attack can be interrupted with a well-timed hit in order to deal some extra damage. His other main attack is to fire off a literal 'finger gun' - pointing across the room and firing a blast of magic from his finger.

After Shantae defeats the Hypno Baron, he reverts back to his normal self, and is reduced to a mere skull hopping around the room. One final hit is needed to end the fight, and Shantae is granted the third - and final - Magic Seal.