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Indivisible is an action-role-playing game developped by Lab Zero and published by 505 Games for computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It is scheduled for release in 2018. The game follows Ajna, a tomboyish girl warrior who goes on a travel after an army of warriors attacks her home village, awakening mysterious powers hidden within her in the process. Besides the game's main cast of characters, Indivisible features an array of guest characters including Shantae.


The game's world is explored as a side-scrolling platformer. When encountering monsters, the game uses role-playing game mechanics inspired by Valkyrie Profile in which Ajna unleashes her summoned companions to fight alongside her. In the course of the game, Ajna discovers new weapons that she can use to fight enemies and as tools to explore the map, such as an axe with which she can climb to walls, and encounters a variety of new characters who join her on her quest. Alongside the game's own characters, these companions include a number of guest characters from other indie licences, including Shantae.


The game follows Ajna, a warrior girl described as good-natured, and as a tomboy with a rebellious streak. She was raised by her father in a rural town that comes under attack one day. In the fighting that ensues, Ajna discovers that she can absorb warriors into her being and then summon them into battle. Wanting to confront the warlords and discover the truth about her powers, she sets off on a quest that will lead her to explore the world of Indivisible.


Lab Zero and 505 Games announced Indivisible in late July 2015, a new action-RPG for which they would seek crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding campaign was officially launched in early October 2015. Early in November 2015, it was announced that the game would feature an array of guest characters from other licences for which Lab Zero obtained authorization. These include Shovel Knight from the game of the same name, Red from Transistor, Annie from Lab Zero's own Skullgirls game, the Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, or Shantae, among others. In mid-November, Lab Zero asked Indiegogo for a campaign extension to meet their goal, which was accepted. Early in December 2015, the game was officially funded.

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