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Here is a list of items from Shantae: Risky's Revenge.[1]

Basic Items

Most of these items are available at the Item Shop, but a few aren't.

Img Item Name Cost Description
Potion 10gems "Magic Potion for restoring health."
Potion (3) 25gems "A potion 3 pack that's easy on the wallet!"
Magical Vial 15gems "Enchanted Vial that refills your Magic Meter."
Magical Vial (3) 40gems "Vial 3 pack! More magic for the price of less"
Fireball 30gems "Use fireballs to BBQ your enemies!"
Spitfire 50gems 1jams "Three fireballs at the same time!"
Flamethrower 300gems 2jams "Flamethrower - Kids love it!
Pike Ball 50gems "Spin a deadly PIKE BALL around your bad self"
Super Pike Ball 150gems 1jams "Two deadly orbs of destruction!"
Mega Pike Ball 300gems 2jams "Three spheres of ultimate suffering"
Storm Puff 50gems "An unwieldy cloud with an electric personality"
Crush Puff 125gems 1jams "Misty exterior hides explosive passion"
Mega Puff 250gems 2jams "Persistent damage with maximum range"
Attract Magic 100gems 1jams "Attract dropped items like a magnet"
Magic Fill 150gems 1jams "Your Magic Meter refills automatically"
Silky Creme 200gems 3jams "Repairs split ends for faster whipping"
Super Silky Creme 300gems 3jams "Smooths and shapes hair for max hair power!"
Map of Sequin Land 20gems The official map of Sequin Land!"
SRR - sprite - key.png Key
SRR - item - Heart Holder.gif Heart Holder - "Heart Holders for extending your health"
SRR - item - Magic Jam.gif Magic Jam - "It's incredible! It's edible! It's a jar of Magic Jam!"

Key Items

Img Item Name Description Info
SRR sprite - coffee machine icon.png Coffee Machine "Looks like a broken Coffee Machine. Who can fix it?"
Rotten Egg "What a smelly egg!"
SRR sprite - coffee bean icon.png Coffee Beans "Slow Roasted Zombie's Choice coffee beans"
SRR - sprite - baby warp squid icon.gif Golden Baby Warp Squid "A Golden Baby Warp Squid! Awwww!"
SRR sprite - latte icon.png Latte "Zombie Latte with Egg" Made with Coffee Beans, Coffee Machine and Rotten Egg. Given to Abner Cadaver and Poe in exchange for Plastic Explosives.
SRR - sprite - seals icon.gif Magic Seals "Mysterious power emanates from the magic seals"
SRR sprite - plastic explosive icon.png Plastic Explosives "Plastic explosives? Let's blow something up!" Received from Abner Cadaver and Poe after giving them Latte. Used to gain entry to Hypno Tower.
Skull Half "Half of a mysterious object" Two halves of a key item in Hypno Tower.
SRR sprite - skull icon.png Skull A key item in Hypno Tower.
SRR - sprite - puppy icon.png Puppy "It's a puppy, its cuteness makes your heart sing!" Received from Rottytops. Given to Chef Girl for a reward of Tasty Meal.
Deed "The deed to Scuttle Town!" Received from Mayor Scuttlebutt. To be delivered to Ammo Baron.
SRR sprite - passport icon.png Ammo Town Passport (and Activity Book) "Proof of Ammo Town Citizenship" Received from Ammo Baron after giving him Deed. Used to gain entry to Battle Tower.
SRR sprite - meal icon.png Tasty Meal "A tasty meal to go. Sure smells great!" Received from Chef Girl for returning Wobble Bell (Puppy). Given to Squid Baron for access to Squid Baron's Labyrinth.
SRR - sprite - forest key icon.gif Forest Key The key to the Forest Cave. Received from Barracuda Joe for completing Battle Tower.

Heart Holders

SRR spr - Jam x2.png

The Heart Holders increases the heart counters, and thus allow you to live longer. They are found in the wilderness and in caves. Bring a wide variety of items with you as you will need several kinds to get them all. See here for the exact locations.

# Location Required Description
1 Lilac Fields(1) On a high up pillar platform.
2 Tangle Forest(3b) Inside a cave.
3 Lighthouse Inside an underwater cave at the bottom to the right.

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Magic Jams

RR spr - jam x2.png

Magic Jams are trade-able for magic abilities at the Item Store. "Spreads like a dream and tastes like a blot of heaven." says the Magic Jam Lady.

# Location Required Description
1 Squid Baron Labyrinth In the second room, it's inside the wall that bisects the room.
2 Squid Baron's Labyrinth In the upper part of the dungeon there is a vertical area that has a vertical shaft at the top which a monkey can climb up to find a Magic Jam in a chest.
3 Tangled Forest(1c)
4 Tangled Forest(3b) In the tree.
5 Polyp Bay(5) Under the Mayor's Seaside Retreat.
6 Pumpkin Fields(3) Inside a cave.
7 Baron Desert(???) Just left of Ammo Baron's camp.
8 Battle Tower Awarded for beating the tower the second time. Be sure to take it from the chest before grabbing the seal!
9 Baron Desert(1) Inside a cave under a boulder in the first Baron Desert area. Use Pike Ball to flip the platforms as you land on them, or use Spitfire to hit them from the air. Other methods may work as well.
10 Baron Desert(1) At the far left of the first Baron Desert area there is one last pit that can be Monkey Bulleted over for this item.
11 Hypno Tower In a chest accessible from the room with the two eyes that control a single doorway between them, by making the left eye point up and the right one point down.
12 Polyp Bay(1) In a cave that requires a lot of monkey bulletry to navigate.
13 Hypno Tower In the magic fountain room (chest accessible from the room with the two eyes that control a single doorway between them by making the left eye point left and the right eye point right) behind a statue breakable with a bubble.
14 Lilac Fields(2) Inside a cave. Perform the stomp to destroy the barrier holding the chest up.
15 Tangled Forest(1b) Found inside a cave under a boulder.
16 Tangled Forest(1d) In a cave in the section that resembles Lilac Fields in the upper left corner of the forest. Use the Monkey Bullet and Spitfire to make your way to the chest.
17 Squid Baron's Labyrinth You can't miss the area that is partially submerged in water. Come back later with the Mermaid form ready and you'll find a Jam after passing through an underwater tunnel on the left.

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Transformation Relics

Transformation Relics grant special attack powers to Shantae when she is in the corresponding form. They are similar to Transformation Talismans from the original game.

# Name Location Required Description
1 Baron Desert(cave) In a cave (which is also in a cave), accessible by smashing a rock.
2 Baron Desert(3) ++ In a cave. Burn the roots with fire to gain access.
3 Lighthouse +++ Given by Squid Baron as a reward for returning his three babies.

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Golden Warp Squid Babies

Spr - gbws x2.png

Near the end of Risky's Revenge, Shantae is required to find these three babies, who are hiding in underwater caves. Unlike the similar collection quest in the original game, this one is mandatory.

# Location Required Description
1 Mermaid Cliffs(???) +++ Located in an underwater cave to the bottom left.
2 Boat House Located in an underwater cave to the bottom left.
3 Polyp Bay(between save and warp) Located in a tiny underwatercave accessible through an upward-leading passage.

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