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Jammies Mode

Jammies Mode is a new game mode expansion for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, included for free as part of the Summer Surprise update. It released on July 31, 2018 and shares similar gameplay tropes to Costume Mode. This storyline consists of Shantae hosting "the ULTIMATE SLUMBER PARTY" to thank her friends (such as Bolo, Sky and Rotty) and even enemies (such as Risky) for helping her with her recent adventures.

Playstyle Changes

This game mode features gameplay tweaks like replacing Shantae's normal gameplay with sleep related themes like pillow fights, counting sheep, and sleeping on clouds.

  • Damage Resistance: Shantae's Jammies offer very little resistance to enemy attacks and she will take more damage compared to her normal clothing.
  • Dream Cloud: Just like the Bubble from Beach Mode, the Cloud allows Shantae to float slowly upwards. Taking damage or activating the ability midair will cause Shantae to fall and after a short cooldown can be used again.

Shantae on her cloud.

  • Leveling Up: Just like in Friends to the End, collecting gems increases her level. By leveling up, Shantae will increase the damage of her pillow attack.
  • Pillow: Instead of using her signature Hair Whip attack she will now attack enemies with a pillow. The pillow's attack speed is slower than her hair whip but deals more damage.
  • Wolly Manifestations: As a new magic attack, Shantae now gets a personal sheep that bounces around and deals damage, at the cost of magic. The higher her level is, the more sheep Shantae can manifest at once. Each sheep deals 10 damage.


  • In the Ultimate Edition of the game, plushies of Risky Boots, Bolo, Sky and Rottytops can be seen with Jammies Shantae in the main menu, when hovering over the Jammies Mode selection. These plushies also appear in the win screens for this mode.
  • This DLC is the second to not be a part of the initial Kickstarter Campaign's stretch goals (the first being Hardcore Mode).
  • This is the only campaign in Half-Genie Hero where Holly Lingerbean survives. While she disintegrates after Wilbur's boss fight as normal, she manifests outside of Shantae's lighthouse during the ending cutscene, and heads inside for the slumber party.



Shantae Summer Surprise Official Trailer-1

The Summer Surprise update trailer.