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"Bolo gets Taken Out" is an animation/comic by Matt Bozon. It involves Shantae, Rottytops and Sky competing for Bolo's accompaniment to the "Harbor Town Festival". It was made in 2000, during Shantae's protracted production, and used sprites and artwork from that game.

In spite of it being made by Matt Bozon, the events depicted in the game are probably not canon, for the following reasons:

  • Scuttle Town is referred to as "Harbor Town" (presumably the early development name for Scuttle Town)
  • All the characters involved act wildly out of character.
  • Shantae transforms Sky and Rottytops into monkeys by doing a dance - an interpretation of her transformation powers that appears nowhere else in the series (she does, however, do this to the audience of a dance parlor when recounting the events of the first game in Shantae_WF).