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Magic Jams are trade-able for magic abilities at the Item Store. "Spreads like a dream and tastes like a blot of heaven." says the Magic Jam Lady.

# Location Required Description
1 Squid Baron Labyrinth In the second room, it's inside the wall that bisects the room.
2 Squid Baron's Labyrinth In the upper part of the dungeon there is a vertical area that has a vertical shaft at the top which a monkey can climb up to find a Magic Jam in a chest.
3 Tangled Forest(1c)
4 Tangled Forest(3b) In the tree.
5 Polyp Bay(5) Under the Mayor's Seaside Retreat.
6 Pumpkin Fields(3) Inside a cave.
7 Baron Desert(???) Just left of Ammo Baron's camp.
8 Battle Tower Awarded for beating the tower the second time. Be sure to take it from the chest before grabbing the seal!
9 Baron Desert(1) Inside a cave under a boulder in the first Baron Desert area. Use Pike Ball to flip the platforms as you land on them, or use Spitfire to hit them from the air. Other methods may work as well.
10 Baron Desert(1) At the far left of the first Baron Desert area there is one last pit that can be Monkey Bulleted over for this item.
11 Hypno Tower In a chest accessible from the room with the two eyes that control a single doorway between them, by making the left eye point up and the right one point down.
12 Polyp Bay(1) In a cave that requires a lot of monkey bulletry to navigate.
13 Hypno Tower In the magic fountain room (chest accessible from the room with the two eyes that control a single doorway between them by making the left eye point left and the right eye point right) behind a statue breakable with a bubble.
14 Lilac Fields(2) Inside a cave. Perform the stomp to destroy the barrier holding the chest up.
15 Tangled Forest(1b) Found inside a cave under a boulder.
16 Tangled Forest(1d) In a cave in the section that resembles Lilac Fields in the upper left corner of the forest. Use the Monkey Bullet and Spitfire to make your way to the chest.
17 Squid Baron's Labyrinth You can't miss the area that is partially submerged in water. Come back later with the Mermaid form ready and you'll find a Jam after passing through an underwater tunnel on the left.