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Main Street is the first area Shantae visits in Half-Genie Hero. It is part of Scuttle Town and it is a different place than Scuttle Town Square, where the NPCs usually wander about. Shantae first confronts her arch rival, Risky Boots, here and fights P.O.O.P. T.O.O.T. The Monkey transformation can be unlocked here.

This level is divded into two areas. The first area appears to be somewhere around Scuttle Town's docks along the outer edge of town, and is under siege from both Tinkerbats and strange starfish. The second area is further into town, and is on fire.

Since this is the first level, it's not difficult to navigate. While there are some secrets hidden on Main Street, the level's main purpose is to get the player used to the gameplay of Half-Genie Hero.


Risky and her Tinkerbats attack Main Street after stealing Mimic's blueprints for the Dynamo. Shantae confronts Risky and fights her latest contraption and ultimately prevails. She recovers the blueprints and returns them to her Uncle only to be fired by the mayor for allowing Main Street to suffer a lot of collateral damage. Shantae returns to Main Street to help the Chef Girl.


The following relics can be found in this stage:

  • Monkey Bullet
  • Waterfall Relic
  • Green Stone


The first time Shantae goes to Main Street, "Dance Through The Danger" will play in the first area, and "Neo Burning Town" will play in the second. On any return trips, however, "Neo Burning Town" plays for both areas.