Matthew Zitterman, and he sure loves pets.

Matthew Zitterman (or Matt Zitterman) is a video game producer and project manager. He provided unspecified contributions to Shantae: Risky's Revenge.


Matthew Zitterman studied at the Pitzer College and graduated as a bachelor of arts in organizational studies, mainly in information systems and technologies.[1]


Matthew Zitterman was a production intern for four months in 2009 at WayForward, during which time he provided unspecified contributions to Shantae: Risky's Revenge. In 2010, he joined Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds, also as a production intern, and then became a technical project manager. He left in 2011 and joined Tic Toc Games as a producer, before leaving the company in 2012 to join Bungie as an associate producer. He since became a senior producer there.[1]


This is a list of projects Matthew Zitterman was involved in according to his LinkedIn page.[1]


  • Baseball Blast! - production assistant (2009)
  • Lyric Legend 2 - producer (2011)
  • Dance Legend - producer (2012)
  • Destiny - associate producer (2014)
  • Destiny: The Taken King - producer (2015)


  • Petpet Park - technical project manager (2008)

Quality assurance

  • Barbie and the Three Musketeers - QA tester (2009)

Unspecified contributions


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