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Mermaid Falls is the second level Shantae visits in Half-Genie Hero. It is home of the mermaids as well as a village of humans. The Techno Baron used the area as his base of operations before he was defeated by Shantae.


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

The area was initially being ravaged by angry mermaids because their queen got kidnapped by the Techno Baron. The mermaids stop attacking after their queen is freed by Shantae. When Shantae backtracks to this level, all of the hostile mermaids will be gone, replaced by nagas.

Mermaid Falls consists of three areas: the Falls themselves, the Mermaid Factory, and the slide.

The Falls

This area features ancient pillars, Mouse mazes, moving platforms, and a large underwater area that requires both the Crab and the Mermaid forms to explore to the fullest. Shantae must reach the top of the Falls in order to get into the Mermaid Factory.

Many of the game's items (such as relics and gallery keys) are found in this area. You'll be backtracking to Mermaid Falls a lot.

The Mermaid Factory

The heart of the Techo Baron's operation. The first room is fairly straightforward, and introduces the player to conveyor handles that can be used to hitch a ride across pits. There are also several pools of water that cannot be fully explored until Shantae clears the level and gains the Crab transformation.

The second room is much larger, and the challenge becomes figuring out how to reach the top, much like the Falls. Shantae must make use of conveyor handles, as well as her transformations, to scale the room. There is a small side-room in the bottom-right corner of this area where Grandma Blobfish lives, and once the player is able to reach her, she will give them a quest to find her grandchildren in exchange for a ticket to the carpet races in Cape Crustacean.

Tuki has a pot set up in the third room of the Factory, in a small pit that's mercifully free of enemies.

The Slide

Shantae goes sliding down a large conveyor belt to escape the Mermaid Factory. Unfortunately, said conveyor belt is full of bottomless gaps, barrels of mermaids, and Techno Grunts trying to get in her way. Fortunately, the conveyor winds through a forest, where plenty of oranges grow to restore Shantae's health if she takes too many hits.

Shantae cannot transform during this part of the level, but she can use her secondary spells when she jumps. Using the Flamethrower or Super Mega Puff will allow Shantae to hover in place over the conveyor belt, easily avoiding all barrels for the "Jump Jump Slide Slide" achievement.


  • The Crab Dance (on completing the level)
  • The Mermaid Dance
  • The Bat Dance
  • Harpy Talon
  • Crab Claw