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  • Greetings Shrev64! So a new Shantae game has been recently released and ran into a problem with image sizes in infoboxes. I want the image size in the infobox to be the same size as Harmony's portrait like shown here However, when I add a character portrait to any other page like here the image gets scaled to a smaller size and I can't do anything to make them bigger. The actual image size is huge for both so not sure what's causing the difference in appearances.

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    • Hey there, sorry for the delay. I went ahead and made a minor change to the CSS to limit images in the infobox to 300px. This should fix the issue. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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    • Hello. No need to apologize, it is the weekend after all. As for the infobox images, I was looking to have them made bigger/stretched not shrunk down to fit 300px. On Mediawiki I changed the height limit to 400px, but it only fixed Harmony's image, the rest of the images were not made bigger. This page is an example of how big I want all the infobox image sizes to be

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    • Hi there, I think I might've misunderstood your initial question. I thought that you were wanting the images in the infobox to be the same size, regardless of the original size of the image.

      In any case, the maximum width of the infobox is 300px (without any customization). Because most of the characters' images are square (except for Harmony), the largest the image will be in the infobox will be 300px (width) by 300px (height). In Harmony's case, the largest the image will be in the infobox will be 300px (width) by 397px (height), since the original image is not square (773 x 1,024).

      As of right now I am not sure of a workaround to display the image such that the width is greater than 300px, but I am looking into it as I am sure it is customizable. Personally, however, an infobox width greater than 300px might be intrusive on the rest of the page's content.

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