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Ministry of Thought LLC was a company based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1989 by Mitsu Hadeishi (complete name Mitsuharu Hadeishi) and closed in 2005.[1] The main goals of the company were software and web development, art, animation, design and interactive writing.[2] Jimmy Huey was a member of Ministry of Thought and the graphics engine of the first Shantae game is copyrighted to the company.

Involvement in Shantae

Jimmy Huey is a programmer who was a member of Ministry of Thought and began collaborating by the end of the 1990s with WayForward on some projects, including Xtreme Sports.[3] For this game, he programmed a graphics engine,[4] and although it seems that by 1999, he had joined WayForward as a full-fledged employee,[5] according to Shantae's opening screen, which reused the same engine,[4] the graphics engine was copyrighted to Ministry of Thought. Outside Jimmy Huey's active involvement in Shantae, which consisted, according to Shantae's credits, in programming, and, according to Matt Bozon, in creating the graphics engine and another program to ease the sprites animation processes,[4] Ministry of Thought's eventual involvement in the game's production, if any, is unknown.


Due to the very nature of an LLC, the projects on which Ministry of Thought affiliates worked were often not overseen directly by the company. According to Ministry of Thought's website, which might not be up-to-date, the projects developed internally were the following (it is unknown if they were all released):[6][7]

Games developed

  • Two for the Road
  • Dog Eat Dog: An Adventure in Office Politics
  • Fan Challenge
  • Club Chat
  • The Zone of Zune
  • Babs
  • Bearzy Wearzy


  • The Developer: An Object Oriented Development Environment
  • CAE: AI scripting tool
  • Game-O-Matic: Animation Editing Tool and Engine
  • Voice Conferencing for the Internet
  • Distributed Object System


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