Mud Bog Island
Mud Bog Island is the fourth island in The Pirate's Curse. It is home to the Village of Lost Souls and the Oubliette of Suffering, and is noted for its bleak, disturbing atmosphere.

The bulk of the island seems to be a sweltering swamp full of viscous mud and rotting vegetation - fitting for a land that has the entrance to the underworld in it. The Hexer can be found here, acting as a gatekeeper and overseeing the entrance to the realm of the dead. Mold and fungi encompasses numerous areas, and gigantic, infested insect corpses, rather akin to cordyceps, can be found throughout the region.

As many areas in Pirate's Curse rehash areas from the original Shantae in clever or interesting ways, it's very likely that this area is, in fact, the Mud Bog from the original game. Many of the same enemies appear here, including gelationous mud-creatures, spiders, and so on.

The music for Mud Bog Island is "Unfinished Business."

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