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Nega-Shantae is an evil clone of Shantae created from her own genie magic. She made her debut in Shantae: Risky's Revenge as the game's final boss, appearing as a colour swap of Shantae. Nega-Shantae also makes a brief appearance in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero when Shantae's magic is converted to dark magic. This later became the basis for the Friends to the End DLC, where she once again served as the final boss.

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Risky's Revenge

In the climax of the game's plot, Shantae is forced to surrender the three Magic Seals to Risky Boots so that she can restore and use the Magic Lamp's power. Once the lamp's power is restored, Risky uses the lamp to enslave Shantae; although since Shantae is a half-genie, The Magic lamp only captures her genie half, leaving Shantae as a pure human. With Shantae's other half trapped inside the lamp, Risky commands it to destroy Shantae, resulting in the birth of Nega-Shantae which does her bidding.

After a long battle, Nega-Shantae is defeated and explodes, thus resulting in Shantae's genie half being completely destroyed, and Shantae being left as a pure human, with her hair being her only weapon. Shantae is left stunned by this loss, but is comforted by Mimic, Sky and Bolo, who tell her that they'll help her protect Sequin Land, thus ending Risky's Revenge on a cliffhanger.

The Pirate's Curse

While Nega-Shantae herself does not appear, it is her scattered Dark Magic that turns Tinkerbats into Cacklebats, and leads to the Pirate Master's awakening.

Half-Genie Hero

Near the climax of the game's plot, Shantae successfully helps Uncle Mimic create the Dynamo by fetching the last needed item, the Zombie Hamster. When Mimic starts up the Dynamo, the machine bursts into a cloud of black smoke and blasts Shantae with a black bolt of energy, immobilizing her. Risky Boots enters the scene and reveals that she has swapped Uncle Mimic's blueprints so as to build the Dynamo to the her own specifications. She explains that the machine was built to generate great quantities of electricity with a significant counterflow of negative energy as the machine rotates. Her altered plans have converted the negative energy into dark magic which transforms Shantae into Nega-Shantae. After Risky leaves with the Dynamo, Nega-Shantae comes to, at which point she threatens to attack her former self's friends and tells them to beg for their lives. The screen fades to black and enters Shantae's sub-conscience, Shantae pleads with Nega-Shantae to stop her actions but is ignored and is told by Nega-Shantae that she will remain in her sub-conscience where Shantae will have no control over her actions. Shantae's friends attempt to reach Shantae to tell her to fight the Dark Magic by reminding her of her defining character traits. Sky reminds her of her loyalty and honesty, Rottytops reminds her of her kindness and compassion, and Bolo reminds her of her strength and courage. Thanks to her friends' words, Shantae is able to regain control and the dark magic dissipates from her body; after which she sets out to retrieve the Dynamo from Risky.

Nega-Shantae's brief cameo was expanded to a full scenario in the Friends to the End DLC, in which Sky, Bolo and Rottytops team up to venture into Shantae's mind to stop Nega-Shantae from taking over permanently, rather than simply trying to talk her through it as previously shown. Nega-Shantae doesn't confront the trio directly until the end of the campaign, preferring instead to alter Shantae's memories and have other opponents do the smack-talking for her. Holly Lingerbean alludes to a bargain between the two, but the memory winds up erased when she fails to defeat Bolo, Sky, and Rottytops. Near the end of their journey, Nega-Shantae separates the trio, trying to break their spirits so that they give up on Shantae, but they reunite, and her plan ultimately fails.

Powers and Abilities

Nega-Shantae has all of Shantae's transformation abilities, but uses them in ways that Shantae herself can't match.

In Risky's Revenge, Nega-Shantae can transform into a Monkey and attack Shantae with repeated Monkey Bullets, use the Elephant form to jump and stomp on Shantae's head, or become a Mermaid and bombard Shantae with a shower of Mermaid Bubbles.

When Nega-Shantae is damaged 200 times she will do the stage clear animation and charge up power, causing her attacks to become twice as dangerous as she speeds up her dancing, uses the Monkey Bullet faster, stomps down more times with the Elephant Stomp and her Mermaid Bubble attack becomes faster and lasts longer.

Nega-Shantae is defeated when she is damaged 400 times.

In Half-Genie Hero, Nega-Shantae's attacks are identical to Shantae's from her boss fight in the Pirate Queen's Quest campaign.


  • Nega-Shantae's name is not actually revealed during the course of Risky's Revenge, but rather in the promotional material for Half-Genie Hero. In the Achievements for the Director's Cut of Risky's Revenge, she is simply referred to as "the genie clone".
  • During the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter campaign, one of the stretch goals was a new gameplay chapter titled A Dish Served Cold, in which Nega-Shantae returns as an enemy. Since the campaign received roughly $950,000[1] ($50,000 away from the "A Dish Served Cold!" Stretch goal), Nega-Shantae only makes a cameo in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero with no additional transformation, chapter, or boss battle. However, she is the main antagonist of the "Friends to the End!" DLC quest, fulfilling this stretch goal in spirit.
  • Nega-Shantae's eye color varies wildly between games. They are green in Risky's Revenge, while in Half-Genie Hero her eye color is yellow in her portraits, but red in her spritework. No official reason has been given for this inconsistency.
  • The following achievements are associated with Nega-Shantae:
    • Potions, Smotions: Beat the genie clone without using potions. (Risky's Revenge)
    • Dream Warriors: Save your friend from a sinister force. (Half-Genie Hero (Ultimate Edition))