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The Octo Siren, given the subtitle of Eight Times the Terror, is one of the Seven Sirens who resides in Squid Pit. Her appearance is a woman who wears a white dress with eight octopus tentacles for "legs". Out of the Sirens, she seems to be the third largest with maximum sizes compared, and the second largest for normal sizes.


The Octo Siren appears to be of the lazy sort as she spends most of her fight sleeping inside the giant, transparent octopus head.


Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shantae has to use her hair whip to solve a puzzle, destroying six outer 'brains' in the correct order, which changes every time the puzzle is completed. This will reveal The Octo Siren's weak point, which can be attacked for five to ten seconds. If she gets the order wrong, Shantae has to start over on the current round of the puzzle. Once the octopus is destroyed, the Octo Siren inexplicably explodes from within her "tank", despite Shantae destroying the octopus and not the siren.

Basically, The Octo Siren "attacks" by sleeping in her octopus, leaving it to do the actual attacking.

Her Monster Card doubles Pike Ball damage per-hit.


  • She has the appearance of a cecaelia, a type of merperson that is part cephalopod.
  • Octo Siren is the second siren after Water Lily Siren to not attack the player directly.
  • The A real brain buster achievement is awarded upon her defeat.