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One-Eyed Spider is an enemy which appears in the first, second, third and fifth games of the Shantae series.


One-Eyed Spiders are, like their names say, spiders with only one eye. Strangely, they only have six legs instead of eight. They are completely purple in Shantae, but in Risky's Revenge their legs have a lighter tone of purple. In Half-Genie Hero's concept art, they have marks similar to tattoos all around their bodies.


These enemies are hanging of a ceiling, and when they are threatened, they drop and spit bullets. Then, they go back to the ceiling. In Pirate's Curse, they have 3 HP.

In Shantae and the Seven Sirens, their Monster Card doubles the Newt's climbing speed. A more dangerous, red variant is also introduced, which shoots more bullets.