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Paradise Island is the main setting of Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Shantae is invited to the island for a week to participate in the Half-Genie Festival, only for the other Half-Genies to get kidnapped by the Seven Sirens. The island includes three towns and an ancient underground city.

The island's true name is Siren Island. It was renamed by the Mayor of Arena Town in an attempt to rebrand the isle as a desirable tourist destination for the Half-Genie festival.


Arena Town

Arena Town is a resort town and the home of the Half-Genie Festival (actually a trap set up by Risky Boots), where Half-Genies such as Shantae, Harmony and Plink show off their magic to a live audience. For this reason, it is popular among tourists.

Tree Town

Tree Town is the hidden island village located on the west side of Paradise Island. It is protected by the resident Half-Genie Vera, who is also the chief's daughter. Tree Town features a dance parlor minigame, which Shantae can play to earn gems, as well as a Heart Squid.

Armor Town

Armor Town, located on the east side, is famous for making armor. This town is lead by the Armor Baron, who is the brother of the Ammo Baron of Sequin Land. Zapple's dialogue implies that she is the Guardian Genie of this town.

Sunken City

The Sunken City lies underneath the surface of Paradise Island. It is primarily inhabited by monsters, but is also the home of the Half-Genies' captors, the Seven Sirens. When the other Half-Genies disappear during the Half-Genie Festival thanks to these mysterious beings, Shantae must explore the city's many to find them, fighting the sirens along the way.