Image Name Description Location
Flintlock Flintlock Pistol "Press the A Button to fire Risky's Pistol! Useful for hitting distant foes or switches." Does 1 damage when acquired and 5 damage after being fully upgraded. Spittle Maze
Piratehat Pirate Hat "Hold the R Button while airborne to deploy Risky's Hat. Use it to float over hazards." Gusts of wind will send you upwards. Cackle Tower
Scimitar Scimitar "Press the L Button while airborne to perform a downthrust! Great for destroying barriers or bouncing over dangers!" Does 4 damage when acquired and does 10 damage when upgraded. Lost Catacombs
Pirateboots Risky's Boots "Risky's Boots! Run to build up speed, then press the Y Button when they release their raw energy!" Run at super speeds! Chain your attacks as you dash through enemies & over lethal lava as well as spikes. It can also help make Shantae's jumps longer. Oubliette of Suffering
Cannon Cannon "Jump while airborne to fire Risky's Cannon! Fires a deadly blast, and propels you into the air for triple jumping power!" You can only fire it thrice per jump. Enemies hit by the cannon ball will take 5 damage. Abandoned Factory

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