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Formerly known as "Risky Mode," Pirate Queen’s Quest is the first character campaign DLC for Half-Genie Hero. It focuses on Risky Boots, and was released on August 29, 2017. It is notable for returning to the "Pirate Equipment" playstyle from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.


"The Shantae adventure continues with Premium DLC for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero!

Just as Shantae and her inventor Uncle put the finishing touches on the powerful new Dynamo, the bodacious buccaneer Risky Boots shows up to steal it!

Playing the role of the evil pirate, it’s your job to find the FIVE COMPONENTS you’ll need to upgrade the Dynamo and bend Sequin Land to your will! Pillage, loot, and plunder your way to the ultimate showdown against the Half-Genie runt and win the day for pirates everywhere!"


While Risky uses most of the Pirate Equipment from Pirate's Curse, she has access to new equipment alongside it. Unique to Pirate Queen's Quest is the ability to choose any of the game's levels in any order the player chooses.

Unlike Shantae's campaign, Pirate Queen's Quest features the same ending regardless of any%, 100%, speedrun any%, and speedrun 100%, with the only difference being different win screens upon end-credits.

Pirate Gear

  1. Pirate Hat - "Use your hat to glide through the air with the greatest of ease!" Awarded after first chapter completion. Can be upgraded for a bigger boost upon deploying the hat and a slower descent while in use.
  2. Grappling Hook - "Grapple up to hard to reach locations! Once attached, it can crawl along ceilings too!" Awarded after second chapter completion.
  3. Kraken Ball - "A strange object that grants underwater movement! Appears to have been stolen, not constructed... those little thieves!" Awarded after third chapter completion.
  4. Bomb Shot - "Fire BOMB SHOTS from your pistol to destroy CERTAIN OBJECTS! Can be upgraded for an even bigger ka-blooey!" Awarded after fourth chapter completion. Upgrading Bomb Shot provides subsequent explosions upon contact with a wall / enemy.
  5. Cannon Jump - "Fire the CANNON to jump higher than ever before! Can be upgraded to jump even higher!" Awarded after fifth chapter completion. Upgrading Cannon Jump allows Risky to fire an additional shot to a maximum of four. Each deals 5 damage and each subsequent jump will have less height than the last.

In addition to these objects, Risky can fire seeker missiles and cluster shots from her pistols, as well as standard shots.

Dark Magic

Finding Dark Magic allows Risky Boots to upgrade her equipment, health bar, and ammo capacity (aside from her standard shots, which she can fire infinitely). She can also summon Tinkerbats to do her bidding, and keep more on-screen at a time the further she upgrades them with Dark Magic.

Genie Crystals

Finding Genie Crystals lets Risky Boots find the appropriate location to build the Dynamo (AKA Risky's Hideout). All Genie Crystals must be collected to access the final area and final boss.


  • While files for ScorpGal enemies were found in early builds of Half-Genie Hero, they didn't properly debut in-game until Pirate Queen's Quest.
  • The following achievements are associated with this game mode:
    • A Perfect Heist: Collect your first component in Pirate Queen's Quest. (Standard)
    • The Pirate's Curse: Collect all Dark Magic in Pirate Queen's Quest. (Standard) Achieve 100% completion as Risky Boots! (Ultimate)
    • Absolute Power: Collect all Genie Crystals in Pirate Queen's Quest. (Standard)
    • Risky's Revenge: Defeat that Half-Genie brat in Pirate Queen's Quest! (Standard and Ultimate Edition)
    • Risky Revolution: Obtain all win screens of Pirate Queen's Quest. (Standard and Ultimate Edition)
    • Keep to the code!: Use your Tinkerbats to defeat 15 renegade Tinkerbats! (Ultimate)
    • Give nothin' back!: Complete Pirate Queen's Quest with zero upgrades! (Ultimate)
    • Captain's Orders!: Remind everyone who's boss! (Ultimate)
    • The one true Queen of the Seven Seas!: Foil the techno upstart! (Ultimate)
    • Gone and Forgotten: What was that for? (Ultimate)
    • Carpet Cleaned: Take out the trash! (Ultimate)
    • Dual Disgrace: Give 'em something to think about! (Ultimate)